LLVM Language Reference Manual. Abstract; Introduction. History of docs / @. The LLVM compiler infrastructure project is a “collection of modular and reusable compiler and .. For the full documentation, refer to ^ Stellard, Tom (March 26, ). “[LLVMdev] RFC: R, a new backend for.

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There is no way to generate IR that does not embed this target-specific detail into the IR. For example, the following is a legal LLVM file:.


It ensures that if the function may use more stack space than the size of the guard region, stack probing sequence will be emitted. This instruction always performs an unsigned division to get the remainder.

Aliases may lovm an optional linkage typean optional runtime preemption specifieran optional visibility stylean optional DLL storage class and an optional tls model. At the moment only X86 supports this convention and it has the following limitations:. Control transfers to the block specified in the address argument.

The size of value must be larger than the size of ty2. This attribute is only valid on LLVM pointer arguments. This implies that the IR symbol points just past the end of the prefix data.

The value produced is the floating point difference of the two operands. If the value being loaded is of scalar type then the number of bytes laangref does not exceed the minimum number of bytes needed to hold all bits of the type. Negative numbers may be used with integer types. While LLVM does directly support these vector operations, many sophisticated algorithms will want to use target-specific intrinsics to take full advantage of a specific target.


There are no constants of type x86mmx. Both types must be of integer types, or vectors of the same number of integers. For example, the following metadata section specifies two separate sets of linker options, presumably to link against libz and the Cocoa framework:.

This attribute indicates that calls to the function cannot be duplicated. The result value will be the operand for the flag from the first module being linked. The second operand is a first-class value to insert. This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat It will langtef have any effect in the aliasee.

History of docs/ – llvm (a3fdc02) – GIT mirror

Branch weight metadata attached to a branch, select, switch or call instruction ,lvm the likeliness of the associated branch being taken. In some cases inline asms will contain code that will not work unless the stack is aligned in some way, such as calls or SSE instructions on x86, yet will not contain code that does llfm alignment within the asm. Vector types are used when multiple primitive data are operated in parallel using a single instruction SIMD.

Note that program order does not introduce happens-before edges between a thread and signals executing inside that thread.

This calling convention supports varargs function calls and tolerates some mismatch in the declared prototype and implemented declaration of the function as does normal C. Atomic instructions cmpxchgatomicrmwfenceatomic loadand atomic store take an ordering parameter that determines which other atomic instructions on the same address they synchronize with.

A type construct in a concrete language can be represented by combining these basic types in LLVM. The constraints must always be given in that order: Note that the productions involving RangeList and RangePiece have precedence over the more generic value parsing based on the first token.


That is, each loop should refer to their own identification metadata even if they reside in separate functions. This indicates that if operand 0 is r or mthen operand 1 may be one of r or i. The metadata type represents embedded metadata. PHI instructions must be first in a basic block. This metadata disables runtime loop unrolling. Each type of metadata specifies a list of scopes where each scope has an id and a domain. For definitions, a global value will contain a list of summaries, one per module containing a definition.

Computation can then be performed on the float value including extending to double etc. This unwind destination must be a legal target with respect to the parent links, as described in the exception handling documentation. The operations allowed on it are quite limited: The second argument is an expected value, this needs to be a constant value, variables are not allowed. The size of value must be larger than the size of ty2. LLVM explicitly allows declarations of global variables to be marked constant, even if the final definition of the global is not.

Retrieved November 23, If the target supports it, it will emit globals to the section specified. The following example contains loop identifier metadata for two separate loop constructs: The object is always allocated in the generic address space address space zero. TYPE must be a scalar or vector integer type. As the backing counters overflow quickly on the order of 9 seconds on alphathis should only be used for small timings.