This is a page to introduce first Kendo Kata No.1, Ippon-me. It explains the meanings behind the kata. S T E P H E N D. Q U I N L A N. Nihon Kendo no Kata &. Kihon Bokuto Waza. K I N G S T O N K E N D O C L U B • M AY 1 9, 2 0 1 4. Kendo Principles V explains the Nippon Kendo Kata in details. It is a perfect source to learn the correct Kata for daily practices or last minute preparation for Dan.

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This also can be learned through shinai kendo but it is a lot easier for most of us to see what is going on when wearing no bogu armour. A larger, more qualified panel is usually assembled to assess the higher dan grades. Also we all know what and how our partner will strike us and katax and how we counterattack them. Only one change that distinguished between Kata of yesteryears and that of modern day kehdo unification of all the traditional styles under a single heading known as Keishicho Gekken or Attacking Motion Kata.

Kendo Kata: Ippon-me

The blade of the sword is straight. Uchitachi initiates movements and controls all the distances. There are 10 nihon kendo kata Japanese kendo forms.

Simply click the image below or click here and find out what you get from Newsletter. It is still a good idea to know how to breathe in kata.


Even now Kata in Kendo follows fixed patterns wherein the Uchidachi, or teacher, imparts instructions to Kkendo, or student.

Kendo Kata: General Infomation on Kata

Shitachi kaatas generally a student. This is the only entrance. Uchitachi should not lower the body as cutting down. Timing attacks at regular intervals, perfecting body movements and adopting the right attitude that would facilitate flow of positive energy are some of the long-term benefits to be accrued from practicing Kata on a regular basis.

Kendo Kata: Ippon-me

Competition In Kendo Although a typical Kendo team comprises of three to five members, the competition is fought between two practitioners, meaning a single member from each team.

There are usually 6 grades below 1-dan known as kyu. Kendo kata will give us these great benefits. Both lower their swords turning own sword to the right so the kensaki of your swords is approximately in front of your right knee. Katzs all must know how hakama bushu brand are made!

Kendo Kata

That is why we have to learn these forms. I will use his teachings to explain the meaning of Kata No. That means uchitachi is determined to execute this cut. It roughly means “put pressure on your opponent with the good level of your internal energy before you strike”. Uchitachi cuts in to cut shitachi in half. The dan levels are from 1-dan sho-dan to dan ju-dan.

Since the cut misses shitachiit goes all the way down. If the level of your internal energy is high, you feel proud and confidence. Both take three big steps forwards onto the front foot Uchitachi executes a men cut stepping onto the right foot. It is not a good idea to have that kind of kigurai in a battle. Simply click the image below or click here and find out what you get from Newsletter.

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Awareness is another aspect which is also checked and it is observed by continually keeping an eye on the physical and mental alertness of the contestant.

Grades Technical achievement in kendo is measured by advancement in grade, rank or level. Uchitachi takes another little step backwards. Uchitachi takes a little step backwards onto the left foot. The name of the technique is men-nuki-men. Comments Have your say about what you just read! Scoring in Kendo occurs by making an accurate strike or defending with a perfect thrust, maintaining a correct posture and fighting with a right attitude.

While this is how Kata came into being, it soon became the essence of Kendo training and a yardstick for determining the skill-set of the master as also his trainee.