There are also instructions for accessing the SVN server. This section contains the latest development release version, version directly using or navigate through the source code cross-reference via Doxygen documentation. ChangeLog, , [ ], NEWS, , 53K , , K. [ ], userguidezip. Please ensure that you use boxes from releases greater or equal for correct .. was ‘false’ if not defined in the config although userguide mentioned ‘true’.

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Development news Major reconstruction will take place in the development branch.

See the ChangeLog for more details. There are also instructions for accessing the SVN server. Added new command line parameters for daemons all boxes: Guidd is used to restrict access to service requests coming in on certain receiver numbers, i. Implemented concatenation of large sms inside bearerbox and does care of kannel all message parts over one smsc link.

MacOS X support has been improved. MIME parsing and handling fixed. User Tools Log In. Added smsc specific logging capability by handling open log files in exclusive or non-exclusive mode, using ‘log-file’ and ‘log-level’ as smsc config directives. Useful for benchmark tests.


Added support for store spool directory. Browse documentation on-line SVN access to source code You can look at the current development version of the sources directly from our subversion control system. Added “keepalive” feature for EMI2 module.

This has been tested with several new MMS kannsl phones. This is not an update to 1. It should be usable for production systems.

URLs can be set on a per-message request basis and hence semantics of the message ID is kept by the useg application. MWI message waiting indicator message support added. Fixed a rare case that could cause a deadlock between the bearerbox and smsbox.

See ChangeLog for detailed information.

Kannel – Announce – Kannel development release available

Fixed MO concatenation handling for re-routing cases. This allows to execute arbitrary external code and pass the output as reply to the message sender. New features Added DLR support for redis.

An empty POST request from a client could crash the wapbox. MacOS X support improved for configure process. See User Guide for more details.


Index of /download/1.5.0/userguide-1.5.0

Using the –with-dlr configure flag external storage spaces may be used for the DLRs. Added support for chained certificate files. The stored service name is read from PPG core group, added ‘default-dlr-url’, ‘ppg-smsbox-id’, ‘service-name’ to ppg core group and ‘dlr-url’, ‘smsbox-id’ to wap-push-user group.

Supported document types are SL and SI. Free forum by Nabble.

Added ‘throughput’ smsc group config directive for MT message per sec. Pre-defined sets from the configuration may be send guiee individual sets using a GET request parameter. Added bearerbox HTTP admin command ‘reload-lists’ to allow re-loading of the ‘[white black]-list’ on the fly. After launching kill command on Bearerbox to pause a queue e.

Fixed ISO date parsing.