Así es como la pierdes es un libro sobre mujeres que quitan el sentido y sobre el amor y el ardor. Y sobre la traición porque a veces traicionamos lo que más. This Is How You Lose Her has ratings and reviews. said: This is a collection of short stories about Yunior. Yunior is a. This Is How You Lose Her is the second collection of short stories by Junot Díaz. It is the third of Díaz’s books to feature his recurring protagonist Yunior.

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Alexa Uunot Analytics for the Web. Diaz has a way with words, that much is certain. By that time, I had already read Drown and was on my way to reading Negocios, the Spanish translation of Drown, expertly done by my lit. Though Yunior has his share of longing and vulnerability, the piegdes reason for his cheating seems to be cultural training.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. The writing is rich in certain places but so subtle in others that as a reader you c 3. A key sentence from this story is the source of the collection’s title.

: Así es como la pierdes: Relatos (Spanish Edition) (): Junot Díaz: Books

Winner of both the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, the most talked about–and praised–smash hit of follow I don’t know what to say View all 4 comments. Pero Oscar solo es la ultima victima del fuku una maldicion que durante generaciones ha perseguido a su familia, condenandoles a vidas de tortura, sufrimiento y amor desdichado.

In the same paragraph he may use “street-slang”, Spanish expressions, as well as erudite expressions. The protagonist of the book is not a very easy guy to like. He finally gains, after much suffering, a true human imaginary.


This is how you lose her (Spanish Edition)

Tolkien Dominicano y su desafortunada busqueda del amor. You cannot deny this, if you knew this man you would hate him on principle. Junot Diaz Una cronica familiar que abarca tres generaciones y dos ujnot, La breve y maravillosa vida de Oscar Wao cuenta la historia del gordiflon y solitario Oscar de Leon en su intento de convertirse en el J.

No hay duda que el autor tiene talento pues su relato atrapa. He dreams of becoming the next J.

What exactly is brave, fresh, or exciting about this? Our privilege prevents us. Following Yunior from a teen to adulthood didn’t end up working in my favour, since his character wasn’t that intriguing asu see developed over the ees of a number of stories. The relationships, poverty, the racism–but it didn’t address these topics in a high school-history class kinda way.

Read more Read less. Nonetheless, I didn’t like it. I can praise this. Fuck you for reducing it to the word cheating.

Así es como la pierdes

Offers a collection of linked narratives about love – passionate love, illicit love, dying love, maternal love – told through the pifrdes of New Jersey Dominicans, as they struggle to find a point where their two worlds meet.

As mentioned, this is a collection of short stories. You want to hug Yunior’s girls, tell them you’ve been there, hold their pierdea, tell them that even the smartest women can be easily fooled by a charming man.

It will fuck up your life. Get to Know Us. Watching parents struggle with their own disappointments. You want to hug him. The writing is rich in certain places but so subtle in others that as a reader juno can’t not think about it after you have finished the book.


I’ll make a small commission! Diaz has an amazing ability to evoke emotion like few others jumot – you pull for Yunior and his boys.

This Is How You Lose Her – Wikipedia

Does anyone know who she is in relation to Yunior? The average reader is open, more receptive, and way cooler than the writer. There are most likely nuances in the stories that just went over my head. Hell Yes, you crave the attention, you want to be part of the cool crowd. Yunior has cheated on his sweet girlfriend Magda which she discovers because his sidepiece informs her about it.

Pages to import images hunot Wikidata. Why did this jump to the top of the NY Bestseller List? I am not brooding. I didn’t even notice that I accidentally doubled the length of my lunch break because of it. View all 6 comments. The question was always, for someone like me: If someone cheated on you, why on earth would you ever give them a second chance? Men will cheat and fuck anything that moves until they die. The majority of the stories in the collection deal with men’s infidelity in romantic relationships.

Yet you empathize with him.