Final Internship Report on Ptcl – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Preface. This report is all about the 6 week summer internship offered by Pakistan. Telecommunication Company Limited PTCL at Central Exchange Hyderabad. This document presents an internship report at PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunications limited). A brief history and information of the organization is also included.

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I used Primary data, as well as secondary data for completing the task of report writing about my internship. The employees are then properly evaluated by different evaluation criteria and procedures in order to motivate them and to enhance the performance.

Gives warning when temperature exceeds a certain threshold and monitors power consumption from rectifiers. Using its state of the art Broadband network, PTCL entered the media repirt on 14th Augustby launching a digital interactive television service for the first time in Pakistan.


To increase the worth of owners. No plan to lay off any employee: To revamp this wing of PTCL and transform it into a profit center, Etisalat Academy has been engaged for this project with the following main objectives: Due to the refractive index, the light will internally reflect and travel through the cable as shown below. You can, later on at your convenience, retrieve all recorded messages from any telephone anywhere in the country.


Large Wide bandwidth Suitable for high speed. Although marketing department is internxhip well but it pays more attention to promotion because of competitive environment. The light is then transported through a special cable. Security and confidence are the additional attributes that a well trained employee acquires.

The following are typical of a wide range of organizations: Powerful NMS to manage large networks.

They must be feeling sensitive, wants, and motives of other. Internal factors are strengths and weaknesses. Dept is one of ptcll with the final decision to hire or reject being made by the supervisor who requested the new employee.

Similarly it offers low transmission delays. It also generates ring back tones and is used in video conferencing.

KASHIF IQBAL THAHEEM : Internship Report of ptcl

With the improvement in technology, continuous training of personnel has become very important so that they can learn modern technology and apply it on their jobs. What should be their interhship and qualifications? Financial statements analysis 35 6. It is reliable mode of switching. These are the following points be om to a person for promote, transfer and enforce for job changes. The duration of this internship was 6 weeks, from 27July to 7 September Advertisement is done through print media as Newspaper in order to attract applicants.


In fact, this really is the essence of H. The GM ensures that adequate number of efficient personnel is employed for the satisfactory operation, control and expansion of telecommunication services. As PTCL is a public limited company most of its personnel are same as for government institutions.

Methods of Forecast HR Needs. I have collected the data for this report in many ways.

Engineering and computer science students usually work in the Networks and Operation division. The work place training or on job training O.

PTCL Internship report

For a connection you simply dial 8 iternship visit www. The director of industrial relation prcl serves as a key member of the bargaining team often acting a chief management spokesman. Pak Telecom has become a paternalistic institute through life long career programs, having a strong societal impact.

The company maintains a leading spot in Pakistan as infrastructure provider to other telecom operators and corporate customers of the country. G New Compensation Pay Grades. The solution uses Tele presence technology and employs codec, cameras, lighting arrays, microphones and speakers.