los han ganado para que conozcas su dificultad. Estadísticas de Infinite Undiscovery en Xbox Live. Guía de logros de Infinite Undiscovery para Xbox . Infinite Undiscovery Walkthrough/guide Share Boards Guide Walkthroughs & FAQs Cheats Proudly hosted by IGN Walkthroughs Direct-link it! Get E. Análisis de Infinite Undiscovery: Con el objetivo de descubrir el infinito en el mundo de los RPG, los creadores de Star Ocean nos invitan a vivir.

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You’ll be facing your shadow clones, with exactly the same stats as your chrs. Open E door and go upstairs unriscovery 4th floor. Play Percipere in the spot where crystal was to uncover a cave with crystal 2, which you’ll smash, of course. Walk right into another trap. I undiscocery a bit of close calls with first few bosses, but it’s easy enough to find a spot for running around and do some level grinding. Aya tasks Capell with finding 10 pieces of firewood.

Infinite Undiscovery – Walkthrough/guide

Enemies will leave you alone, and it’s funny to watch them fly thru air when hit by fireball. Play Percipere to dissipate the illusion and create path forward. Talk to Aya twice. I want to see udiscovery the work can be done under circumstances. Now all that is needed is final slash at the link. Made by Infintie, and published by SquareEnix, this is a tag-team combo that truly delivers.

Recognize the familiar sound coming from nearby wall?

The Secret Achievement achievement in Infinite Undiscovery worth points Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. The closer Saranda is to defeat, the faster the barrier returns. Even though it looks like it, there is no boss battle at this time, just a lot of scenes.


So how do we leave now? Bestselling Author Obtained level 4 writing skills. As for boulders, you need to Connect with Balbagan inginite Gustav and use one of their skill to break the rock, thus freeing the way to the chest.

When you do, you’ll run into mist that will teleport you to another part of the woods… and to perhaps the most difficult boss battle you’ve yet encountered. Cobasna is a confusing place, as it has a series of warp walls which teleport you to a different place inside Cobasna or back at where you started.

Kristofer and Seraphina my, you’re pretty In order to temporarily dissolve the barrier, you need to keep attacking Nied until he slumps over.

Exit queen’s and walk all the way W don’t walk too close to the door with two guards or you’ll trigger next story scene. Orthros is a Chimera-like creature who is extremely quick and aggressive in battle. For kicks reorganize the party and add Sigmund, Balbagan and Edward into it for asskicking time!

I is for Infinite Undiscovery: Day 17

Take into consideration side effects of the rainfall on your other chrs and you’ve got easy fight on your hands. With two chrs being able to craft Smiley Charms this fol scheme goes twice as fast – I suggest you gun for fol.

Exit N for a scene. Once you’ve stimped all the little guys, boss comes out and you can damage it without fear of counters. This icy town has been overrun by a fierce monster, a monster which you’ll have to do battle with.


I suggest returning to SPN to save your progress – you can walk through that darn Chamber of Elements without harm now. There are will be other dedicated guides for that.

It can be divided into four floors: If you break the chest without junking the item inside, you’ll obtain the item itself. Continue infinife into a room with two strange balls.

Infinite Undiscovery FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for Xbox – GameFAQs

There will be a WCH! The future is infinitte in emerald light. Rico Connect and talk to mouse Scamper to learn of a secret room, but it’ll show you the way if Sewaria will ask.

Examine it for a scene – whenever you find a Dais, you’ll need to power it up with an orb to unlock relevant door. The Tide of Battle. Alternately, you can use callpipe near N room and wait for enemies to come pouring out the room, then sending cart greetings their way, but you risk the ambush from E enemies.

It is indicated by red energy balls. Use the map as guidance, as you have treaded this same path before. Woo, I got a C rating. If at any time any chr takes damage from a tsunami, you’re screwed for this nudiscovery.