Read the fucking footnotes. There’s like pages worth of footnotes. You can’t skip them. If you’re putting in the effort to read Infinite Jest then. David Foster Wallace, the reigning champion of footnotes, decided to use endnotes for Infinite Jest for practical as well as aesthetic reasons. Wallace began writing Infinite Jest in earnest in Much of it is single- spaced, and what footnotes existed at this stage appear at the.

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In the novel the structure is built in the shape of the human brain. You won’t be in any position to judge it when you’re done. Infinte novel touches on many topics, including addiction to drugs, but also to sex and famewithdrawal, recovery, death, family relationships, absent or dead parents, mental health, suicide, sadness, entertainment, film theory, media theory, linguistics, science, Quebec separatism, national identity, and tennis as a metaphysical activity.

I feel that the footnotes are giving us the impression, of course, that we are in constructed space, and not to forget that. Proudly powered by WordPress. Especially if there’s a metric assload of them. Loading comments… Trouble loading?


Footnotes as a Second Voice

Straka, this book is designed to look like an old library copy—it even has a Dewey Decimal number: Jethro Bodine a character on the television show The Beverly Hillbillies. Notethe reader will find, lasts seven pages of tiny-sized text: O 2 dioxygen, or oxygen foofnotes as it exists in its natural state; ozone is O 3. Albertan ultra-rightists There is a tradition of separatism in Alberta. It was on the occasion of Ernie’s eightieth birthday and in honor of the occasion he married a twenty-year-old girl.

And, as you point out, one of the most compelling aspects of the theory is that it accounts for the endnotes more neatly. I wanted to do something real American, about what it’s like to live in America around the millennium. He was interviewed in national magazines and went on a city book tour. You would be losing a large part of the reading experience.

This voice was even more poignant in the footnotes. Views Page Discussion View source History. Boring parts, digressions, stuff they find offensive, et cetera. So yeah, what if I just read the book but skip the footnotes? Association for Computational Linguistics. Sometimes, Wallace just wants to be funny.

Any comment with a spoiler that doesn’t use the spoiler code will be removed. Will Navidson, a prize-winning photographer, sets up cameras in every room of the home.


December Thursday Weekly Genre Discussion: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology student union also figures quite prominently infinitf the novel. But, again, if you don’t care about that, then so what? The film, so entertaining to its viewers that they lose all interest in anything other than viewing it and thus eventually die, was James Incandenza’s final work.

Footnotes as a Second Voice | david foster wallace

They are not like normal footnotes. T-square a drafting tool. T Max, The Unfinished. Rickey would seem to refer to V. Wallace began Infinite Jest”or something like it,” at various times between and Twenty goes into eighty a hell of a lot more than eighty goes into twenty! There are a few footnotes that are several pages long. Digestive-Flora bacteria that live in the intestines and aid in digestion, enteral microbiome. Click here for the extended rules Please report any comment that does not follow the rules and remember that mods have jdst final say.