Obtaining Service During. Warranty Period New editions are complete revisions of the manual. Change sheets, which may be The HP DesignJet CM printer is an E/A0 size large-format inkjet printer which can print in. Download HP DESIGNJET , C, CT, CM SERVICE MANUAL service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Download DesignJet , C, Cplus, CM Service from folder Printers DesignJet. Service Manual pdf. From folder: Printers HP DesignJet.

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Y-Axis Friction jp Set the plotter to multi-pass print mode. Only replace one component at a time and perform the “Bail Stepper” test again before replacing another component.

Stepper Motors There are three types of stepper motors: The levels of friction can increase due to dust and ink accumulation on the slider rods. Media types affected are bonds. Also occurs at area-fill borders with a high color saturation. Press down on the media mount as you replace deisgnjet three screws.

Only replace one component at a time and perform the ”Button” test again before replacing another component. Used for a signal common, as well as providing protection against electrical shock in case of a fault. The servo processor writes information into the registers and sends an interrupt to the main processor. The belt may wear prematurely if the plotter is placed near a diazo copier that uses ammonia to produce blue-line copies.

If a failure or damage to such HP products is found to be directly attributed to the use of third-party inks or off-axis ink systems or any other non-supported HP supply or accessorythe repair will NOT be covered under HP’s warranty or maintenance contract. Remove any media already loaded into the plotter before performing the calibration. Tx15 5 Slide the center cover out from under the screws and lift it clear of the plotter.


When a drop passes through the beam, it causes a disturbance in the reception. Ensure that the metallic tensioner is correctly positioned in the holder. Dutch 06 Sweden: The speed of the roller can be reduced or increased by pressing the appropriate arrow button. Color Kit – Color management kit – Includes pantone tables for Windows and Macintosh applications, Kodak precision profiles, Photoshop and IGC profiles in 4 disks, and color management user guide. The result would be a lighter color than expected.

If the bail stepper motor fails the test, try replacing one of the following components: A Bi-Tronics operating mode. Using this procedure you will be able to determine exactly which component failed.

HP DesignJet 755cm Printer User Guides

Vellum – Vellum 75 gsm – Architectural E size 36 x inches20 lb, 3. This will allow access to the service tests. Graphics Languages The plotters accept drawing data in the following graphics languages: The window was lifted, or the front panel was used to perform some other action while pen alignment was proceeding. A separate clock provides a MHz signal servife the servo processor.

The rear edge of the cutter enclosure assembly slides in between the two rear pins on the left and right sideplates during replacement.

Only replace one component at a time and perform the ”Window Sensor” test again before replacing another component. The accuracy calibration includes calibration of the optical sensor on the carriage.

If the mark encoder fails the test, try one of the following: In this process, the paper roll itself is not rewound and thus there is a portion of paper which has been unrolled for cutting. The primary output is converted to a pulse- width-modulation PWMunidirectional current by a flyback dc-to-dc converter.


Replace the carriage PCA. If media designjdt not present when the “Media Present I Stop Perform the following procedure, if you need to remove it. Centronics A parallel interface standard. Paper – Basic photo satin paper 755ccm 61cm 24in x Media expansion can affect endpoint accuracy.

HP parts for CB DesignJet CM Printer

Asia Pacific and Oceania. Replace the cartridges with those appropriate for this plotter. Otherwise the optical sensor will have problems loading some mmanual of media.

On Failure Location Category: If the carriage fails the test, try replacing one of the following components: It is used to calibrate the cartridge temperature control circuitry. Perform the Y-static friction test as follows: If using D-size media, load the short edge as the leading edge in D-size plotters and the long edge as the leading edge in E-size plotters. Pinchwheel Sensor Spittoon and ink separator: If any of the above problems are visible on the nozzle print, try one of the following: A green and blue LED illuminates the surface being read by the line-sensor.

To recover from moisture condensation, turn the plotter off, and, using the main roller as a reference, wait until the plotter is completely dry before using it again.


After 30 days of purchase Please contact your local HP Sales and Support office for details of other service agreements. The test first reads the thermal sense voltage and then performs the brilliant pulse warming calibration.

Adjust the settings in the application software configuration as required to ensure compatibility.