Historia om de nordiska folken, Volume 3. Front Cover. Olaus (Magnus, Archbishop of Uppsala). Almqvist & Wiksells boktr., i distribution, РFolklore. Historia om de nordiska folken. Front Cover. Olaus (Magnus, Archbishop of Uppsala). Gidlund, РScandinavia Рpages. Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken. Bok 4 РKapitel 5 РOm varubyte utan penningar. РUtgivnings̴r

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On Marketplaces on the Ice. The man to the left is sewing together two boards on the port side.

Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken

Two travellers are seen in this wild country. You can see a sporting dog in the foreground and fleeing reindeers in the background. B ook 5, Ch. He is placed on a bear skin pulled by a horse. On the Total Result of the Achievement of Starkater. On Attention to Old People. The woodcut illustrates the simple food and drinking habits of Nordic fighters. It is winter, the full moon shines on the dark sky. Behind them their tents. Book 5Ch. Two of the men hold steaks in their hands. Near the upper left corner the Danish king Harald falls from his cart and drops his crown.


Starkater is on his way to the Danish king Ingell. On Christening of Children among the Forrest Dwellers.

Note simple design of the table. Starkater stands a the victor on a battlefield full of dead bodies, cut limbs, broken weapons and pieces of suits of armour. The woodcut shows three warriors in suits of armour. The symbol in the middle could be an ear grainused as a votive gift to Saint Erik. Th is free graphics is presented in small size norsiska this page. Ola is historla by his big bloodhound.

In old times there existed a law that granted rewards for killing of ravens and other pests.

The evil brothers Skat and Hiall, two notorious virgin robbers, want to take her folkenn from her father. Both the horse and the man wear snow shoes. The man in the foreground forms other boards with an axe.

At the left a man is out hunting. One important thing – do not include these images in any other clipart collection. At the top a formidable forest of lances and a fleeing Danish cavalry.


A rowing boat is seen in the water. This scene takes place in Lapland. On the Law of Killing of Ravens.

Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken –

Next a Lap in fur coat and with bow and arrow. On the Virtues of the Hero Starkater.

The Nordic people is offering dried pike fish, flour, axes, knives, scissors, cloth etc. This ritual is executed by the man to the left.

Behind him a heavily armed army.