A hilarious overview of the methods people use to get even with big business, government and enemies. These dirty tricks range from the simple to the elaborate. Revenge! [George Hayduke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Depicts pranks that can be used to humiliate, defame, insult, or trick. Get Even: The Complete Book Of Dirty Tricks [George Hayduke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A hilarious overview of the methods.

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Most are moral cowards. I forgot to tell Carla that in their own world, dogs have a pound where they tow stray humans. Nonetheless, the manager had him charged. Hayduke has arranged his chapters both by subject and method, then arranged these alphabetically. Whbat the hell, it’s a step up the evolutionary ladder from roadkill. Happily, a veterinarian was able to save the dogs from their own stupidity. Using a selected nom de mark, order one of the “decks. I’ve tried hot chili sauce with screaming success.

Several mechanics from the Pinkeln Auto Repair School suggested that you have a friendly mechanic reverse the sensor between the gas gauge and the gas tank of your mark’s car. If not, hayduje ask if you can leave a brief message. Anyway, if your mark has a morbid fear of death and pieces of dead things, and most marks do or they wouldn’t qualify as marks, as you might beg, borrow or steal human body parts from the nearest physiology or anatomy laboratory.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. According to our veteran contributor Geneth, paint pens are the best invention for graffiti artists since walls.


Revente and friends have slumlords under fire in southern California. Want to make your own TNT? Return to base for visual instructions.

You may wish to disguise yourself and your drivers.

Similar authors to follow

This time, you or a very trusted friend plant the poison or the blades in your own kid’s stash or that of the friend’s kid.

I’m not sure how he knows as he was recenge submarines, except for the time he had a gaggle of Italian whores chase him through town for not paying his tab at the Eat ‘n ‘Hump.

Acorky rated it really liked it Mar 05, Whichever you do, the idea is to haydjke the mark with high-volume mail delivery. In any case, the customer is going to be the secondary mark in this sting and will surely be out to spread some legal venom to the owner of the business. The weight of the next occupant and gravity will carry this stunt to completion.

I pissed in his shoes.

Full text of “Hayduke, George Make ’em Pay Ultimate Revenge Techniques Paladin Press”

This reprint rrvenge a turn-of-the-century manual from the U. A list of common complaints follows. For the few who have written to ask and for the most who haven’t, I have been in Latin America much of the past two years involved in a variety of activities.

I think he works for the Republican National Committee now,” Bill muses. A feisty lady, she had a friend print some “official” forms, illegally using the name of the landlord, who really is a slime and a slumlord. Hospital orderlies haul these loads during their routine rounds. David rated it really liked it Mar 16, Yeah, I like it, too. They would be a rveenge present for rvenge special someone, especially if he or she likes popcorn.


Never deny, just never formally identify. Our hero had a friend in another town across the country get him a fine transceiver with the local police and emergency frequencies on it, including the scrambled tactical operating frequencies.

Late one night, our contributor called the local M.

Revenge! by George Hayduke

The “clever” owner did this to make his business a more attractive sales package. Personally – well, no, I promised I wouldn’t moralize in this volume. But, let’s say your mark has a car you don’t like either. He was also told, off the record, that the police chief and the priest at the church were bosom buddies and the police were told to lean on the clinic and leave the pickets alone. In addition to their hayduks as weapons themselves, books contain lots of ammunition to be fired at your marks.

Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks

Or, pour some of this magic powder into a garbage disposal, sink, drain or washer. First, they suggest removing a couple spark plugs, dropping a few small ball bearings into the cylinders, and the replacing the plugs.

I believe I’ll have another beer. The cops stopped her and found the bottle. Most laundry detergents are a white powder. Sometimes, though, idiots obtain these prime vehicles and do rude things to other people’s property.