Haxe is a general-purpose language supporting object-oriented Unusual among programming languages, Haxe contains a type. Haxe is a feature-rich, high-level, Turing-complete programming language. It’s very generic, somewhat Java-like, but it also feels somewhat. While the modern programming language Haxe is well-known in some circles, many developers have never heard of it. Yet since it first appeared in

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There are many frameworks that use some kind of Interface Definition Language IDL to define data hxe generically so that they to and from a generic format wire-format in a language-neutral way.

However, unlike in prominent examples like Haskell or the ML language family, not all functions are unary functions functions with one argument onlyand in Haxe, functions can’t be partially applied per default. Developers can publish native apps and progrramming to every major platform without hassle.

There are a number of libraries and frameworks for building cross-platform games that are built on Programmjng. The remainder of section Introduction gives a brief overview of what a Haxe program looks like and how Haxe evolved since its inception in In Haxe, supported platforms are known as “targets”, which are Haxe modules that provide access to core-APIs language and bytecode targetsfor the compiler-backends that are responsible for generating the respective code, and for runtimes hzxe specific APIs that go beyond the core language support platform-targets.

Haxe is an open source toolkit based on a modern, high level, strictly typed programming language, a cross-compiler, a complete cross-platform standard library and ways to access each platform’s native capabilities.

The Cross-platform Toolkit

This means that in theory, you can soup it up in arbitrarily complex ways, but given the comprehensive set of syntactic constructs and libraries that are already there, you’d have to have some pretty abstruse needs to justify getting into that for anything more than the sheer deviltry of it. Views Read Edit View history.


Introduction to the Haxe Language The Haxe programming language is a very modern, high-level programming language. Yes, there are times when speed is unimportant.

The Java and Python targets work pretty much as you’d guess, but I’ll have to give CPP a try and get back to this issue. Backed by the Haxe Foundationindustry sponsors and partners, it receives enterprise support and is sponsored and recognized by developers at a growing number of large companies such as Nickelodeon, Disney, TiVo, Stencyl and progrxmming.

As such, the language easily adapts the native behaviours of the different platforms you have targeted in your development project. How Complete Is It? Once more, I’m no expert yetbut there are some other points worth keeping in mind, so I’ll just dump some things I’ve come across, and you can investigate yourself. I have only ever used high level languages, so I am likely more ignorant than you are.

A switch expression can apply pattern matching to an enum value, allowing for elegant solutions to complex programming problems:.

Strategic Partners Haxe Foundation Supporters. Some More Details Once more, I’m no expert yetbut there are some other points worth keeping in mind, so I’ll just dump some things I’ve come across, and you can investigate yourself.

With Haxeyou can easily build cross-platform tools targeting all the mainstream platforms natively.

How Hard Is It? It seems to be the application that most effectively uses its capabilities. Introduction to Haxe Edit Haxe is a cross-platform toolkit for developing applications, games, multimedia and server side code natively. L programminng Right v: The various backends translate the processed AST into source code or generate bytecodedepending on their target.


This is an interesting wrinkle. I wasn’t able to get command line arguments and some other things in Sys working in Python, which wasn’t a problem because I’m only using command line arguments for testing purposes.

I myself have wondered if it is actually useful for web applications because of that. You can pretty much target almost any platform you could ever want to. The type system is static unless annotations for dynamic typing are present, for use lanvuage targets that support them. GraphQL is a query language designed at Facebook with querying across the Internet in mind.

Haxe – Wikipedia

The compiler will check types implicitly and give compile-time errors, but it also enables the programmer to bypass type-checking and rely on the target platform’s protramming type-handling.

It’s a real programming language suitable for complex projects. Enumerated types are an important feature of the language; they can have type parameters and be recursive. But this can trip you up occasionally. The normal practice would be to always modify the Haxe code, and only the Haxe code, and re-emit the code you’re going to actually run fresh.

If you find yourself talking to someone lannguage actually probramming the correct pronunciation, rely on chutzpah. I had to work around a few things, but very few so far. Open Source Haxe is an open source technology, free to use and modify.