An army of Gnoblars swarming the mountains. The most remarkable feature of a Gnoblar is probably his nose, a massive protuberant lump that can smell an. GNOBLAR KINGDOMSBy Mitchell Worton & Mark Hampson CONTENTS BIT An 8th edition version of the gnoblar army list for Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition . I realize that I cant run the original gnoblar army list and that all my characters would be ogres but I was wondering how I should do this.

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They’re simple Tarpit models that fulfill arky roles of flank protection, flank chargers, or basic tarpit. This rule is effectively the same as the ‘Beneath Contempt’ rule. There would be a charge meter and the more charges that you make will increase your level and thereby, increase the charge damage of any later charges. Models KilledSkrag and Gorgers gain Hatred this took effect when in the tabletop in the first round of combat so I would make this increase the charge damage.

Ogres srmy managed to tame some of these creatures for battle. It seems really useful and fun. Depending how game 3 turns out, I can totally see different maneaters being serparte units of their own. Lucky May re-roll ANY dice roll they desire so it must involve them somehowthe second result must always be accepted.

Do not abuse other participants. Blizzards and snow are common and the roads and mountain passes are the only ways around. It was completely random and for Total War, it could work the same way.

Gnoblar Horde: The Unwashed Masses

They have an upgrade that transforms them into Toad-Gnoblars which I have detailed below. Just having a polished red rock and not letting others steal it grants supernatural aura like that of a Daemon, a single Gnoblar eating an Ogre’s tooth makes a mob believe they are supermen, rolling loaded dice to prove their own fortune make them temporarily indestructible, and their “luck” warps reality into going their way.


Models KilledSkrag gains Regeneration and any Gorgers that have not entered play will do so immediately the tabletop had this as “in their next turn”. Rare Units -Dogs of War Greenskin gnobpar could be included in the army as well but I would not expect them in gnoblqr a list. Make sure arrmy the number of models you put in your army list can fit in a deployment zone, lol.

As shown here, Skrag maybe be a decent wizard but he is a combat monster and gets more powerful the more individuals he kills. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I’m more curious what the story is going to be if it the three remaining major factions left instead of 4 Chaos Gods. Have gnoblars have a wide group like Savage orcs and be numerous like skaven slaves to make up for gjoblar small ground area ogres will fill. Feast to the Migration-As mentioned, the Great Migration was a major event in Ogre history and it is an Ogre saying that ‘if you stay in one place too long, the sky will fall on you’ an obvious reference to the Great Maw.

This is a magic weapon which requires two hands and increase Bragg’s strength when used.

Watch out for cannons though. Deadly and fast creatures and are useful in killing archers and war machines.

Gnoblar Horde: The Unwashed Masses – 1d4chan

If I take the Talisman I would be over on my points which would mean I would have to drop the fencers blades. Reutermo has right idea, Minotaurs and Crypt Horrors have 12 in each unit.


From a balance standpoint wouldent the ogres be terrible online? Its power seems to be unlocked by the visceral thrill of single combat, and comes alive when Bragg steps forth to challenge the best warriors that the enemy can offer.

Playstyle -Do you like Monstrous Infantry? Special rules are Fear, Bad Tempered if a unit is in range for a charge, a leadership test had to be passed, if failed, you must charge the unitThunderous Charge charging an unit did insane amounts of damage and Single-Minded when moving, Rhinox Riders cannot change gnkblar.

After that I am cutting but where? The Ogres settled in and dominated these lands to create the Ogre Kingdoms. There are Championship rounds that involve pit-fighting or the most serious leadership challenges or personal grudges that lead to one ogre getting killed and eaten by the victor.

However, despite the losses, the Ogres remained in massive numbers and the Sky-titans solitary nature made them unable to unite against the Ogre threat. Ogres are not much for building aesthetics considering that they live in a tribal society and migrate due to not wanting to gnoblat in one location too long.

The other ideas make sense to me.

Would be slow though and would have no mounts. Gold is quite worthy and more likely to last the winter.