The Theory and Practice of Gamesmanship: or the Art of Winning Games without Actually Cheating [Stephen Potter] on *FREE* shipping on. For any gameplayer, here’s a book that focuses on the subject of gamesmanship as a civilized art as old as the competitive spirit in man. Stephen Potter points. Thanks to Evernote, it was easy enough, using search, to find where I read about The Theory of Practice of Gamesmanship by Stephen Potter.

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This is very funny. That night I thought hard and long. Talk of the “imperial decay” of your invalid port. Despite the gamesmansship, I just couldn’t give it more than three stars. View all 5 comments.


The Theory and Practice of Gamesmanship p. He was a leading player of the club’s idiosyncratic version of snookerand some of his later “gamesmanship” ploys are thought to have originated in the Savile’s games room. Essays on the Etymology of Words from Nature. Funny, what I read of it, maybe half.

Stephen Potter ()

UC won the toss. Return to Book Page. I only want you to say clearly, if you will, whether the ball is in or out. The sociologist Erving Goffman also profited from Potter’s work, in the sense that it “disclose[s] an elaborate code of conventions which operated in everyday social intercourse, which was nevertheless tacit”, and could be exploited by the sociologist: It was written in the late 40s and it’s pretty absurd in a proto-Monty Python way.

Finding his income inadequate to support himself and his family, gamesmannship left the university and took up a post producing and writing for the BBC.

Almost as funny as it used to be. Interesting to see the evolution of some of these topics and how they have been reused through the years by other authors. I now perceive with horrifying clearness that I have”, but he never corrected the attribution in print. These included drama critic for the New Statesman and book reviewer for the News Chronicle. Yet that was totally beyond him.


Your queen comes in and it’s all over. Books by Stephen Potter. In “How to Listen” was the first broadcast heard on the newly created Third Programme. Aug 19, dusty. The most gamesmanahip local residents were Benjamin Britten and Peter Pearswith whom the Potters quickly became friendly.

For any gameplayer, here’s a book that focuses on the subject of gamesmanship as a civilized art as old as the competitive spirit in man.

Stephen Potter

I just love this book. Well, I must resign of course. If that fails, one can fall back to trying to win the gamesgame winning despite losing, by convincing the opponent that you are the superior player but lost for a fluke, or by winning the favor of the spectators, etc. Aug 27, Johan Keppens rated it really liked it.

While pretending to instruct you in the various gamesmahship you can use to make your opponents feel uncomfortable, Potter takes generally quite successful pot-shots at all sorts of targets.

For me, it was the birth of gamesmanship. If you play any type of game competitively, and we all do, then the tricks in this book can prove most convenient if not for winning, at least to make the opponent lose. I had had time to gauge the speed of this serve, and the next one did, in fact, graze potter edge of my racket-frame.

Stephen Potter – Wikiquote

Its publisher, Rupert Hart-Davisprivately wrote of tamesmanship book, ” Gamesmanship made me laugh a lot, and its two successors were just good enough all three still sell prodigiouslybut the world has moved deathwards, you may say in the last ten years, and Potter hasn’t budged an inch.


Wikiquote has quotations related to: Retrieved from ” https: Unless you sacrifice your bishop InLifemanship was re-published by Moyer Bell. Potter gives an introduction to winning games despite lesser skill without being unsporting. A First Studythe first book-length work on Lawrencewhich appeared in print within a few days of the death of its subject, unfortunate timing because it seemed like an inadequate memorial rather than what it was intended to be, a critical reappraisal.

Potteg Notes on Lifemanship p. The ball had hit the back netting twelve feet stephej him before touching the ground. I read it because it’s old and offbeat.

This manuscript consists of a bunch of marginal articles, written during the past six years and slung together with the minimum of care. I thought the book a bit too small-minded, sadistic and sour for my taste. She consented, and he moved away from Aldeburgh. Potter achieved only a second-class degree in English language and literature.

In a ‘s British cheater kinda way. There were two sons of ;otter marriage. No trivia or quizzes yet. Sharks don’t learn the art of eating smaller fish by reading a book like this. Potter sensibly points out that there is no way a person unversed in chess theory will be able to beat a chess expert.