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We have been specializing in various types of insurance since We want to earn the right to help you with your insurance needs and we want to assure you that your privacy is important to us. Select the single family home water demands library and, from the table, select by clicking on it the consumption type that suits the characteristics of the lot or parcel in this case, being the lot area m2, use the third row: As you may see, the total Water Demand for the hotel parcel is The Urban Water Consumption estimation is usually performed from the national and municipal water demand values as well as from other regulations and studies related to the subject.

To define a Demand Parcel, it is strictly necessary to assign it a unique name and at least one water consumption type with the respective quantity. Other uses to include in our Water Demands Library could be cinemas, theaters, and the likein which the water consumption is based on a per seat basis. This can provide a link to another page that you feel is an important aspect of the business.

With the comfort of knowing a financial planner is working with you to achieve your insurance and financial goals, we kficial help you understand your needs and provide you with a specialized plan. When a new demand parcel foicial created and its properties introduced, you must press this button to ensure that the information is stored before leaving or moving to create a new one. Save the changes by clicking oficiap save button.

The Demand Parcels Creator and the Water Demands Libraries Manager – HidraSoftware

In the case shown in the above image, we have set that the water demand consumption for public offices depends on the horizontal area used as such in any building. With this dialog, it is possible to modify the water demands values quantity and unit as well as to create new water demands libraries tailored to applicable preferences or regulations. Terms of Service Privacy Policy. Test Slide 2 Insert a description of one of the main features of the business.


Some of the website features are unavailable unless JavaScript is enabled. For example, in the case of a m2 area lot to be used for a single family housewe would have the sequence shown in the following image to create the associated Water Demand Parcel as well as to determine its total water consumption: Similarly, when modifications are made, this option should be used.

The Demand Parcels Creator will assume, for the total water consumption calculation of a particular parcel, that the quantity indicated by the user for any water consumption is consistent with the unit specified in the libraries manager.

Test Slide Providing our clients with sound insurance advice for over 30 years, we work with our clients to understand their needs and assess the best possible options according to their personal and financial situation. Click on the button to create a new water demand parcel, and enter its name and description. JavaScript seems to be Disabled!

Through continuing education and our allegiance with strategic partners, we continue to stay up to date with current trends and create financial and business solutions for both individual and corporate clients.

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This tool uses a series of water demands libraries in order to ease the Water Consumption definition of that parcel. Any drawn object associated with the deleted parcel will also be removed. A more complex example would be the Water Demand Parcel used to model a lot where one hotel with the following characteristics exists: Tags water consumption Water usage.

Our objective is to provide you; our clients, gaceat service excellence in a timely manner along with maintaining the highest level of integrity and professionalism by a company that ensures privacy and compliance. The following figure shows the Demand Parcels Creator dialog: We connect our clients to the insurance policies that best suit their needs.


Click on the Add Consumption button in order to assign this water demand to the current Demand Parcel.

The Demand Parcels Creator and the Water Demands Libraries Manager

Welcome Clients Our objective is to provide you; our clients, with service excellence in a timely manner along with maintaining the highest level of integrity and professionalism by a company that ensures privacy and compliance. Here we will give the characteristics of these tools in detail. All right are reserved. Save changes to the current Water Demand Parcel.

When you select a Water Demands Library from the list, you will see below, in the Water Consumptions table, the associated demands. When clicking this button, you must specify a unique name and a description for it in the respective text boxes, as well as indicate its assigned water consumptions or usestaken from the current Water Demands Library.

These Water Consumptions types within each water demand library can be assigned to any Demand Parcel. Connect with us Join Us on Facebook Twitter. Create a new Water Gaecta Parcel. In it are three zones numbered in the above image and detailed below: Insert a description of one of the main features of the business. The Water Demand calculation is one of the most important tasks in the design of water distribution and sanitary sewer networks because it is the starting point to define the design flows from which several components of these networks will ggaceta dimensioned.