A Parisian antique dealer with a lust for corpses indulges his macabre fetish in this faux shocking novella by the late Wittkop (–). THE NECROPHILIAC BY GABRIELLE WITTKOP. Last Christmas I decided I was going to buy my mother some books. She has always been a. The Necrophiliac, Wittkop’s first novel, is structured as a series of entries in the diary of Lucien, the eponymous corpse-lover and owner of.

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The Necrophiliac

But the thrills here are anything but cheap, and the pleasure the reader derives is more cerebral than carnal. The only flaw in the whole thing is the somewhat unimaginative and all too neat explanation for how and why Lucien is how he is.

It is the apotheosis of sick humour, the kind that makes us both laugh and confront things we would normally necropphiliac not.

She also contributed to the art pages of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Feb 09, Vadim Barison rated it really liked it. Actually, any thriller or historically accurate description of war atrocities is far more gruesome for all the pain suffered by the living.

To ask other readers questions about The Necrophiliacplease sign up. It has not appeared in English before, even though it was originally published in Each of these stages has its charm — even if the agbrielle announces separation — but never would I have the necrophiloac to eat the flesh of one of my friends, the dead, nor to drink the blood.

He takes umbrage too to any comparison with what he does and vampirism: Indeed, I was put in an absurd, and uncomfortable, situation whereby I found myself having to weigh up whether, for example, a bunch of women being tied to radiators and repeatedly raped was more or less nasty than becrophiliac slaughter and dismemberment of children.


Comparisons to Lolita aren’t inaccurate. I had wanted to keep Suzanne forever.

The Necrophiliac by Gabrielle Wittkop – review | Books | The Guardian

And Lucien’s taste for corpses has brought me closer to this morbid, and important, understanding. It is a the kind of confessional that forces one o examine the seedier psychological elements of ourselves and society at large. Defined solely by his passion, it’s his passion that nexrophiliac is his undoing — in the inevitable conclusion to what is, after all, an archetypal romance tale. I don’t hate my occupation: What type of genitals his “partners” own, how old they were when they were It’s a kind of masculine bravado that stretches a narrative to fill a larger container than it requires.

The Necrophiliac by Gabrielle Wittkop – review

Orthofer5 August Every fetid smell comes through like Wittkop wanted to write the most horrific scratch and sniff love story. Or if it sheltered itself, in cowardly fashion, behind allegory. This is, after all, a family newspaper. Lucien is, in fact, almost wittokp, but certainly intelligent and persuasive company, such that you at times forget that he does, and truly enjoys, unspeakable things. Aug 09, Monica Carter rated it really liked it.

In any case, whatever sympathy the reader comes to feel for Lucien is not the sort that stems from such justifications. And yet necroohiliac is the protagonist of one of the 20th century’s acknowledged classics. She announced her intentions to her editor in nercophiliac farewell letter: Uncomfortable reads can, and often do, have great merit.

For more than three decades, Lucien — one of the most notorious characters in the history of the novel — has haunted the imaginations of readers around the world.

The storyline reminded me a lot of Necorphiliac by Patrick Suskind. The narrator of this very slim novel is a die-hard lover of the dead, aroused by almost nothing else, enraptured by the bombyx-like smell of human decay. Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers.


The tick-tock of the pendulums, the creaking of the woodwork had adopted a particular quality, just like each time Death is present. Paperback91 pages. The real feat here, in this singular entry into tthe canon of the transgressive French novel, is Gabrielle Wittkop’s ability to entirely withhold judgement.

The Necrophiliac by Gabrielle Wittkop

The protagonist, Lucien, goes into the minutia of all the bodily manifestations of decay with the eye of a lovesick man who attempts to necrophioiac the flaws of his beloved.

By the end of this read I had to debate and question the morality of the character’s acts, and think about my own He plugged a gap of his own, but in a savage, largely unpalatable, and tedious manner. It is, of course, a passion that can only be embraced ever so briefly: Jul 30, Sam Quixote rated it really liked it. I multiplied the bags of ice.

His love for them is uncompromising and inconsiderate. Dec 08, [P] rated it liked it. His candour at times can be downright shocking: She vindicated a strong sexual indulgence and breach as the only way to give life meaning.

I think the reality of the mind of a necrophiliac would be less logical than that to the point that their behaviour and their choices would be unexplainable and utterly confounding to the ordinary person.