Find Bard-specific leveling spots to get from 1 to 70 and proven strategies and walkthroughs for grinding or farming in the Bard Songs of Death Guide. Bard Class Guide. Bards are the jack of all trades in EQ but masters of none. They have a large array of abilities making them extremely versatile classes. Fear kiting As the Armor Class of most bards is not that high and due to the lack of a Finacol’s Secret Bard Guide to EverQuest – .. from the initial area, you ‘re free to pull from three paths for as long as you want, or until.

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Dot Damage This is actually an efficient way to duo with any class that can root. But don’t stick frde just your one melody. From level 49 on you can use the song Selo’s Accelerating Chorus that lasts for seconds.

EverQuest Bard Guide Author: You can almost always find a group or two there, too, but the fort contains plenty of mobs. WuddaneJul 2, For hunting wyverns pro- dragon faction is recommended, since there are quite a few dangerous roamers. It is of course always better lower risk to have everyone as full health as possible.

Newbie Bard Guide: By Rrowrr – SoDWiki

Again – I fear kite all the time. Bard Lulls only last for 18 seconds, so you need to move quickly when you are Lulling more than one mob in a split. Tizmaks At the NorthWest part of the area between the dragon ring and Thurgadin entrance you will find the Tizmaks caves. They’re the most fragile targets most likely to take a pounding.

  BS4235 PART 1 PDF

XP groups are all about killing fast, and there’s nothing better than having 36 seconds of charm soloing built into a normal 3-pull. Bard specific leveling spots and methods from level 1 to 70 Tested and proven strategies for grinding and farming Walk-throughs for killer item quests A profound Bard songs and tactics reference Farming for bards – the hidden locations you should know Secret Bard tricks and hints that make your life much easier. I fear kite ALL the time.

Finacol’s Secret Bard Guide to EverQuest – 1.2. SOLO QUESTS (1)

Starting at 26, an untwinked bard can fear kite mobs at Mistmoore Pond and solo the entire Pond area before respawns A song for emergencies. This is where a Bard runs around in circles with a giant pack of mobs, and plays a PBAOE song usually his lvl 18 song just out of range of the mobs. Take full advantage everqiest a bard’s possibilities by learning when to use which song, how you should combine them and which setup works out best.

Then X1 will arrive a little frree later. Put some informations about everqust eshop here address, contacts etc. The named can drop excellent pieces of equipment that are on par with Elemental Planes guidee.

The way aggro transfers in EQ on pulls is that the aggro range is based on the mob you initially aggroed. Several excellent group strategies can boost your experience. Note that Restoration and Dissonace are both string songs. There are different mobs which are all rather easy to kill.


Some of them are spellcasters. I could write an entire guide about Charming.

I don’t want him to be just a background bot though. Bard charms last 18 everrquest max, and checks to MR. Symphonic Saber has nice stats and procs a aggro reducer, useful if you are slowing mobs while meleeing.

And don’t abrd to swap instruments in and out to maximize song effects. This is my favorite way to pull for most XP groups.

After fearing it, follow the mob and melee it down. Wind instrument is available and useful at level It is one of the harder Epics to get in Kunark and Velious though, requiring 3 raid drops. Omens of War brings with it many wonderful new zones and an everqjest in level cap — this time, to Swarm kiting has been nerfed, but other methods still work:.

If you have anything you want to have added, please reach out via the contact form on this site. Most often each new song is something entirely different added to a Bard’s arsenal.

All auction posts, including trades, need to be made in this megathread only Any auction posts made outside of that thread will be deleted.

The only situation in which you’d use it is if you don’t have the space to fear kite and you have an unbalanced group no tank or no heals.