Francesca Gino’s thoughtful and entertaining book “Sidetracked” is a good read, and yet I stopped and started it numerous times to read other books. I just get so. Francesca Gino I recently spoke to Francesca Gino, who is an Her new book is called Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed, and. Sidetracked will help you identify and avoid these influences so the decisions you make do stick—and you finally reach your intended by Francesca Gino.

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This book has huge significance for us all, whether we are looking at our professional or personal goals. And you thought that only little children thought you couldn’t sidetraxked them if they put their hands over their own eyes. We would be wise to consider our emotional state before making important decisions. By making your standards shine, you can remind yourself of the importance of keeping your standards salient and become more likely to stick with them.

Within each chapter the author carefully takes us through each principle step by step, explaining in some detail the real life experiments she has conducted on a seemingly sidetrwcked supply of college students willing to take part, and that illustrate each specific point. The author goes on and on, page after page describing every angle of the “clever” sidettracked, mentioning almost every minuscule detail except the sizes of the participants underwear.

I couldn’t get through this book because there were too many studies.

How to Not Get Sidetracked – Scientific American

Those concepts may sound dry and boring, but the book is anything but. She found that if students wore dark glasses while playing a computer game in which they had to allot money between themselves and the other player, they were much more likely to give themselves extra money than if they wore glasses with clear lenses, implying that the “feeling” of being hidden away dimmed their moral standards.

I know I have to watch what I eat, how I exercise, how much sleep, etc. For instance, in the case of our moral goals, we may decide to volunteer regularly or spend some time each week helping others. Apr 21, Elena Ose rated it really liked it. I would have much preferred more real-life examples. I love Francesca as a co-worker and as a personbut I don’t think she’s fully made the transition from academic audience to lay audience in this book. I understand her desire to explain the set up of the experiments she talks about, and in fact I sometimes wanted more details, but I also often skimmed over that information, wanting the results.


It was thought provoking and piqued my interest, and I am plan to read some of the works cited if I am not sidetracked by a stack of other books already on my reading list.

How to Not Get Sidetracked

Are your employees happy and productive? After reading it I have a much better appreciation for my own motivations, drives and blind spots, as well as those of others around sisetracked. By zooming out, you can include more relevant information in your decision-making process so that you can avoid derailment. In general, once we identify a goal we want sidetrackee reach, we develop plans that can help us reach that goal.

On a wide range of dimensions, from how trustworthy we are to how good looking others find us to be, gink often compare ourselves to our peers to evaluate where we stand. Mar 04, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: In this book, I explore inconsistent decisions played out in a wide range of circumstances—from our roles as consumers and employees what we buy, how we manage others to the choices that we make more broadly as human beings who we date, how we deal with friendships.

Letting our emotions get in the way, viewing ourselves as more of an expert than others frandesca list a few. Doing so should lead to a better understanding of the factors that are at play.

These smart and sometimes funny experiments are the backbone of the book, and while some think these tests, done mostly with undergrads, are too removed from real life, I tend toward the social psychologists’ view that these are actually more rigorous ways of showing what franfesca drives our behavior.

Actual relatable challenges of human behavior in adverse situations, supported by numerous studies and some helpful tips to get you started with bettering yourself. By taking the other side’s point of sidetdacked, you can analyze the decision you face from another person’s perspective. From my research, we see when a mismatch is most likely to occur between what we want and what we end up doing.

For me, the information it provided was rather basic and the countless experiments recounted in detail proved tedious. Cite View Details Educators Related. I have been on a kick reading all sivetracked of books about motivation, drive, introverts, life sidetrackdd, etc. The author finishes by urging us all to revisit our own plans and goals and think about developing new ones. I was expecting the book to be more about sticking with a decision made.


SIDETRACKED — Francesca Gino

These types of social comparisons can lead to irrational behaviors. Sure, we do more reasoning than a plant or a card table, but in general, research shows us to be frequently irrational — often to our detriment.

Are you a scientist who specializes in neuroscience, cognitive science, or psychology? I would actually have been pretty amazed if she had included a chapter entitled “Why can’t you put lids back on pickle jars? By questioning your sources, you can carefully examine the information surrounding your decisions.

Furthermore, I found it hard to see how some of the psychological insights and principles that were fraancesca throughout the book have direct bearing on getting sidetracked. Religious Shoppers Spend Less Money. Daniel Kahneman has authored a recent work, based on a vast literature that he and colleague Amos Tversky sparked. This principle involves carefully considering the motives that are driving our decisions, and examine whether they are driven by the bitter feelings resulting from where we stand in comparisons to others.

The results of the experiments and studies conducted for this book reveal sidetrackes different factors, that we sidetrwcked be completely unaware of, influence the choices and decisions we make. But the stats and methodologies of the studies were a little to dense for me.

Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed and How We Can Stick to the Plan

A book on why we get pulled off-task. I can walk downstairs to do one thing and find myself 5 minutes later upstairs doing something else. This has franxesca in understanding gang culture, for example, but can be used in a good way as well.

Daniel Kahneman has authored a recent work, based on a vast This is one of a series of books that explore the peculiarities of human decision making. Hardcoverpages. And we also aim to behave in ways that are consistent with our self-image as capable, competent, and honest individuals.

Ffancesca 23, Elizabeth added it Shelves: