My thanks go to Jeff Shmoyer. Experimenting with the PicBasic Pro Compiler Introduction The BASIC language has been popular since it’s conception in the. EXPERIMENTINGwiththe PICBASICPRO Y ByLesJohnson ACOLLECTIONOFBWLINGBLOCKS ANDWORKINGAPPLICATIONS USINGMELABS. Experimenting with the PicBasic Pro compiler PicBasic Pro компилятор. Read more Man-Made Materials (Experimenting With Everyday Science).

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Then the chip is enabled by pulling the CS pin low and the bits of data are shifted out.

Simple serial LCD controller. After the start command has been sent, the SEN bit will be cleared. This gives it time to process the contents on the address line.

BAS uses the circuit in figure 8. If a reflection is detected when the left LED was pulsed then an object is to the left. This causes the eeprom to begin its internal programming cycle. Without these resistors, random characters would be displayed when the input was not connected to anything. SI will play the message as long as it remains pressed. Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Otherwise, the data will pass directly to the LCD.

Each instruction picbsaic begin with a Start condition, which occurs when CS and Dl are both high on the clocks rising edge.

Experimenting with the PicBasic Pro compiler

But, as the transmission rate goes up so does the price. BAS, illustrates the use of the above technique. Experimenting with the PicBasic Pro Compiler Proximity detection principals Detecting a collision on a robot witg normally accomplished by sensing when a switch has been triggered by bumping into something, however, avoiding the collision altogether is a much more desirable goal.


To aid in the use of multiplexing the displays, several include files have been developed for use with 2 to 5 displays. The new patterns are shown below: A series of if-thens determine the address bits to set or clear. Address values for the demonstration program.

Experimenting with the PicBasic Pro Compiler

This will allow the subroutine to be used many weeks or months after its conception. If you do not use assembly language at all, then you may wish to skip the next few pages. Directional infrared proximity detector. Experimennting next two bytes written will be saved in scratchpad memory, at address locations 2 and 3. R1 is a pullup resistor required by the l 2 C bus protocol. BAS Serial keypad controller The use of pibasic keypad is often essential but it still takes up precious pins on the microcontroller that could have other functions, therefore, the logical solution eexperimenting to send out the data from the keypad serially.

Section-2 – 3 Experimenting with the PicBasic Pro Compiler Interfacing with a keypad Interfacing with a button keypad Using a button keypad is essentially the same as using the button version, however, minor pichasic in the INKEYS subroutine have to be made.

However, the Port and pin on which the infrared detector is connected must be changed within the Include file, if PortA. Microwire, SPI, and l 2 C, also the advantages and disadvantages of using each type. This acts as a form of PWM.

However, a different technique will be discussed for the quantasizing of the bit ADC. Sony, infrared remote control Transmitter. Depending on the device, the maximum clock speed for accessing serial eeproms may be over picbaslc. This operation will change the eeprom’s internal address pointer.


If CS remains high after a read operation, additional clock transitions will cause the chip to continue to output data at sequential addresses. Discussion in ‘Electronic Basics’ started by Fabrizio, Jan 3, INC Interfacing to the 24C32 eeprom Interfacing to the 24C32 l 2 C eeprom Now that we know the principals behind serial eeprom interfacing, we can develop a pair of subroutines that will automate reading and writing to them.

Jan 4, 4. The accompanying CDROM has all the source listings for the experiments, as well as the manufacturers datasheets and application notes for the semiconductor devices used.

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Experimenting with the PicBasic Pro compiler – PDF Free Download

This will allow us to send more than one byte at a time. Imagine having your latest digital thermometer tell you the temperature, or the robot you have just built actually tell you that it needs its battery recharged.

With the op-amp follower the LED remains stable, as the op-amp now carries the load. When this subroutine copiler called, two variables are returned.

We can use this fact to our advantage by transmitting a pulse of light then looking for its reflection.