About Sally Perel: Also known as Shlomo Perel o Solomon Perel, is an author and motivational speaker. He was born in Peine, Lower Saxony, to a German Jew. ENGLISH CORNER, CON LINDA JIMÉNEZ – This week’s trivia question: What were the last words of advice that Sally Perel’s parents gave him. Solomon Perel’s amazing story is retold in both a book, Europa Europa – originally in French, and the movie Europa Europa. Perel is born on.

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Hitler Youth Like Me. Summary back to top. As with the film, the book tells a remarkable story of one Jewish boy’s struggle to survive the madness eurola him.

Solek’s pretense is nearly exposed when the Gestapo investigates “Jupp”‘s supposed parentage. The German soldiers immediately believed him. Because he did not go through the horrors of the camps and have the same struggles they did, he felt he did not have as much right to compare himself to other survivors and to their suffering.

To ask other readers questions about Europa, Europaplease sign up. Highly impressive story of a young Jewish boy who survived WWII by pretending to be German, which even led to joining the Hitlerjugend. E, nonostante tutto, coabitavano nello stesso corpo e nella stessa anima.


Nicolai,English: Eurooa story is a “testament to survival through adaptability.

Solomon Perel

aslly Nicht wegen der Schuldzuweisung, dem schlechten Gewissen, sondern um – gerade in der aktuellen Entwicklung – nicht zu vergessen! The Nazi selects “Jupp” as his subject for eueopa demonstration and carefully measures his head and face.

Retrieved from ” https: Were There Jews in the Nazi Army? Europa Europa French theatrical release poster. Perel decides to go to Israel and finally arrives there in and lives there even now. This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat Robert, one of the soldiers and a homosexualsneaks in on “Jupp” when he finally manages a private bath. The whole is moving, and strange beyond belief. Margot Bettauer Dembo Translator. The company commander decides that “such eudopa fine young German” should be properly educated.

His captors refuse to believe that he is a Jew. It is based on the autobiography of Solomon Perela German Jewish boy who escaped the Holocaust by masquerading as a ” Nazi ” German.

In an ironic scene, as Solek and other Jewish refugees cross a river in a small boat, while a boat carrying Polish refugees fleeing the Soviets, passes in the opposite direction, Solomon explains in an internal monologue that sallyy Jews, fearing Nazi persecution, fled toward the Soviets, while the Poles, who feared the Soviets more, fled toward the Germans.

After the invasion of Poland, his parents decided to send Solomon, then fourteen, and his older brother Isaac to safety to the Soviet-occupied side of Poland. He escaped persecution by the Nazis by masquerading as an ethnic German.


As he crosses a bridge, the unit charges across behind him and the Europaa troops surrender; “Jupp” is hailed as a hero. He was asked by the Mayor of Peine to be the guest of honor “at the dedication ceremony of a memorial to commemorate the destruction of the Peine synagogue…as a Jew born in Peine who had survived the Holocaust.

Solomon Perel – Wikipedia

The movie, on the other hand, co This is one of the rare times that I can say that I liked the movie more than the book. He is summoned to Gestapo offices but cannot show a Certificate of Racial Purity, which he claims is in Grodno.

Being perl a minor, Perel was told he could not remain with the army.

The writing style felt stilted. A questo punto sicuramente penserete che venga trasportato in un campo di concentramento e subisca maltrattamenti e angherie di ogni tipo come tantissimi altri May 08, Carmen rated it really liked it Shelves: His uncircumcised penis, potentially a szlly sentence, keeps him from total assimilation.