That which follows is an adaptation of the old adventure module B7 Rahasia, by Tracy point for the epic campaign for D&D 5 edition Prices of Apocalypse. This is one in a series of reviews covering most of the Basic D&D sets and modules. Rahasia was written by Tracy and Laura Hickman and appeared in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, and PRODUCTS OF. YOUR IMAGINATION are trademarks owned by TSR, Inc. Are things popping up in your game that.

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I didn’t know the term ‘railroad’ inbut I called Rahasia an ‘insert characters here’ dungeon. I wonder how many parties became stuck because they drank the wine rather than using it with the statue?

In the revised module B7 Rahasiathe adventurers must save a group of kidnapped elven women held in the dungeons beneath a good elven temple taken over by an evil cleric. Ultimately, what you have here is a strong mythic plot-hook, combined with an inventive dungeon. Despite these niggles, Rahasia does stand as a superior adventure. This module suffers the same presumption of f&d of agency that the characters in the novels did IMO. Jeff Easley Interior Art: The player characters are drawn into this adventure when they find a plea for help from Rahasia.

The original intention was for the adventure to be played rahssia a single evening; this may have been true of rahhasia original publication, but not of this version!

Dungeons and Dragons D&d B7 Rahasia Adventure Module 9115 TSR

I purchased this module because it has a distinct southeastern feel to it, if you remove the out-of place Tolkien elements I’m contemplating changing the elves into lizardmen or serpentmen. Ligon commented, “A nice story combined with an interesting temple complex makes this module a good one. Rob May 9, at 3: The Hickmans decided to privately publish the first two adventures they had designed together, Rahasia and Pharaohwhich gained them a reputation on a local level.


Exploring room after room takes away from the core threat of the adventure: Many of the monsters are the elven acolytes, the Siswa. This page was last edited on 29 Julyat Rahasia is a big adventure, with over areas described in the text a mere 32 pages.

He has kidnapped two of the village’s fairest maidens and now demands that Rahasia, the most beautiful elf, surrender herself to free the others. I appreciate the suggestions because they make an older resource more useful. An evil cleric, the Rahib, has freed two of the witches, and those witches now possess the bodies of a pair of elven maidens.

Dungeon of Signs: B7 – Rahasia – Review

Views Read Edit View history. Still, it’s more than the descriptions that make me dislike B7, it’s the way that Rahasia enforces the world it creates with GM-side rules that not only force the players to accept the adventure but penalize characters for not acting rahhasia a noble manner.

Some sense of the goals and potential outcomes of the module beyond – free the elf damsels, do good, adventure would rahasoa be nice. You’re showing us how to take these classic “gems” and make them better.


Monday, March 17, B7 – Rahasia – Review. Gus L May 9, at 6: But the deal breaker for this module for me is the incomprehensible teleport gate section.

Ravenloft is pretty good for example. We might do something about the weird Orientialism theme as well. When there is little room to trick, bypass or drive off monsters short of a full on melee this is a railroad as well, where the only solution is combat, and thus combat must be of the sort that the party can sustain for the entire adventure.

Adventure Review – B7: Rahasia

Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: In fact, I would call this dungeon the Mary Sue of dungeons, especially from this era. Rahasia is a story focused module written in by Tracy and Laura Hickman, the folks behind Dragonlance. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: The most serious problem, linked to the railroading impulse of the module, is a lack of factions in Rahasia.

Dark Sun Dark Sun: Shattered Lands Dark Sun: I find a lot of reviews of older modules to be just, “It sucks ’cause Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities.

Scott Anderson April 5, at 7: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He said of rahsaia event: