Ct Manual. Comtrend corporation CTT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Comtrend corporation CTT User Manual. AC-IG User. CT ADSL2+ Wireless Router User Manual Version A, September 11, Preface This manual provides information related to the. Comtrend CTT Router. Below you can view and/or download the English PDF manual of your Comtrend CTT Router. Couldn’t find the manual that.

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Lists all the stations that are associated with the Access Point, along with the amount of time since packets were transferred to and from each station. You will be prompted to define the location of the backup file to save.

Each country listed below enforces specific regulations limiting channel range: Default factory settings for Comtrend CT If you have performed a reset of your CT device or not changed the defaults, you should be able to access it with the following settings: If you experience a high packet error rate, try to slightly increase the Fragmentation Threshold. Each beacon transmission identifies the presence of an access point.

Comtrend CT-5361T Router

The settings for WPA authentication are shown below. After setup is complete, the device will reboot with the following shown.


After choosing the file location, click Backup Settings. To create a group from the list, first enter the group name and then select from the available interfaces on the list. Tools – Update Settings 9.


On all other days and time, this device will have access to ct-53661 outside Network. A dialog box will appear, such as the one shown. To configure an individual interface, select the desired RIP version and operation, followed by placing a check in the ‘Enabled’ checkbox for the interface.

It may not have an effect on your Internet connectivity. Changing the default gateway or the DNS affects the whole system. The figure above shows the Diagnostics screen in bridge mode. Manual device upgrades from a locally stored file can be performed using the following screen.

Comtrend Corporation – OTT STB,IPTV STB,GPON,VoIP,IAD,ADSL2+/ VDSL2 Multi-DSL,PLC

After enabling the Automatic Assigned Default Gateway, the device must be rebooted to activate the assigned default gateway. Allows selection of a specific channel or Auto mode. Start the Internet browser and enter the default IP address for the device in the Web address field. The Add button prompts an entry field that requires you type in a MAC address in a two-character, 6-byte convention: Restoring system settings require a device reboot.


A DTIM is a countdown variable that informs clients of the next window for listening to broadcast and multicast messages. Enter the starting comtrnd port number when you select custom application.

Select a Service User should select the service from the list. The CT can support both cases simultaneously.

Other connection modes use IP Filtering pg. The following screen will appear when you click Add. To configure the parameters, please reference Outgoing table above.

If this does not work, you may also try ct-5316 Set which days that will have block If a station is idle for too long, it is removed from this list. Short preamble is intended for applications where maximum throughput is desired but it does not work with legacy equipment. Input Internet access user name MAC: Perform the following steps to bring up the Web user interface and configure the CT To log cojtrend to the system from the Web browser, follow the steps below: