In the twenty-first century, The Chymical Wedding by Johann Valentin Andreae continues to be acknowledged as a literary gem, an exceptional story written in. The drawings on this page appeared as illustrations in The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published by Lectorium Rosicrucianum, a Rosicrucian. Inspired by the third Rosicrucian manifesto, the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published four hundred years ago, the anonymous author of this.

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As we thanked the Ancient Matron for our deliverance and took our leave of her, each of us was given a piece of gold to spend by the way, stamped on one side with the rising sun, and on the other with the letters D.

If you by birth and by God’s choice Are bidden to this feast, rejoice! The seven ships can also been seen as the seven chakras that went through the transformation process. Then the poor Bird himself submissively laid down his neck upon the book, and willingly suffered his head to be smitten off by one of us, thereto wevding by lot.

The young king to whom she was betrothed made chrixtian upon the Moors on her behalf, and was victorious; he released the young queen, and restored her to her kingdom; they were married amid great rejoicings; and the play closed with a wedding hymn, calling down blessing on our King and Queen, and praying that a fairer future race might spring from them. As the story proceeds it’s evident that CRC took the second path with the following words, yet I still proceeded with my compass, and would not budge one step from the Meridian Line.

The Chymical Wedding is weddijg described as the third of the original manifestos of the mysterious “Fraternity of the Rose Cross” Rosicruciansalthough it is markedly different from the Fama Fraternitatis and Confessio Fraternitatis in style and in subject matter.

The other ranks – kings, lords, gentry, learned and unlearned – were now all weighed in turn. I now joined my fellow-guests in our hall, where Cupid would needs have me show him my hand, where he still found a little drop of blood, at which he heartily laughed, and had the rest have a care cgristian me, as I would shortly end my days.




However, the words “Father of Lights” are curiously in the first paragraph. The nine lords were bound together with the rest that were at the table 27 total and CRC cried. To make choice you shall cast lots.

The phoenix on the table represents the result of the transformation. The crown at the ceiling refers to the Crown of the Great Work.

After seven minutes a little bell rang, and the rope was drawn up with four men clinging to it. At last I begged of my good angel that I might be rightly directed in my sleep. As a young man, he became very ill; he took no nourishment; his body became almost transparent; and finally he lay in a trance for some days.

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The roesnkreutz of the angel are made from peacock feathers, again an alchemical symbol, that stands for Cauda Pavonis, the Peacock’s Tail, when the Light in the christisn starts to appear. I imagined you would have made yourself very snug! The images are drawings from Johfra Bosschart, a Dutch modern artist The third is a third part of the fifth, which, added to the sixth, will produce chrristian number whose sum will exceed the third itself by just the first, and which is half of the fourth.

Johfra here depicts him as falling apart. Foremost, A, the Pyramid, carrying the Moor’s head, with twelve musicians making excellent music. The Ancient Matron, seeing this, said to me: A mermaid offers a pearl as a gift for the Wedding.

The audience over, the musicians played us down the winding stairs again to our own hall, where, our cnristian falling into our feet, virgins and lords struck up a civil dance together; after which we attended their Majesties through many stately walks to the House of the Sun, to see a merry comedy, the Duchess leading, carrying a small pearl crucifix, her six virgins carrying the sacred objects from the altar, and Atlas bringing up the rear.


Of course, CRC passes. When she had departed on her gliding throne, the tapers, held by invisible hands, conducted the confident to their beds. The old world ceases to exist.

Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, PDF | Global Grey

CRC believed that the Gospel of John is the only gospel that is historically plausible, and that it is the unleavened bread and its relationship to the Passover that truly divides John’s gospel from the synoptic Gospels. She also has a sun jewel at the heart level. Bread is broken in the gospels of Mark, Luke, and Matthew; however bread is never broken in John’s gospel.

This globe being hollow, we were able to sit within it and contemplate the stars glittering in an agreeable order in the interior of the Earth, and moving so gallantly that I had scarce any mind ever to go out again, as our page told our Virgin, and with which she twitted me, for it was already supper time, and I was almost the last at table.

I must look better to it! Our Virgin now entered with two curious garments, which could have been crystal but that they were gentle and not transparent. Here for several hours we stayed, seeing treasures none of the others were permitted to see, such as the Royal Sepulchre, with its glorious Phoenix, and a most noble Library.

Of him Rudolf Steiner says: Then the crystal fountain of red water was brought, and with it a small crystal drinking-cup, from which the whole company drank the Draught of Silence, as in any House of the Mysteries. The student was reading books. Though the scales had been removed from the hall, the weights were still standing on their little table. When I had chased the raven away, I bethought me of my bag and bread, left behind beneath the cedar.

So far did I outstay all the weights that to these the Virgin added three knights in full armour.