Vibracion, centros fisicos centros espirituales, chakra o plexo, camara kirlian Kirlian .. La science des auras et de l’énergie La Kirlian photography est une. Kirlian photography is a high voltage, contact print photography. The process is simple. Sheet film is placed on top of a metal plate, called the discharge or film. El circuito es muy sencillo,consta de un oscilador de 30 o 50kcs. que sirve para exitar a un flybak de tv. cualquiera de tv blanco y negro sirve. de esta forma se.

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Intwo Czechs, S. Science and the Paranormal. Many people are making the erroneous connection to Kirlian photography since the corona discharge photographed around the subject in the Kirlian photograph is mirlian times referred to as an aura. State of the Science, Backbone Publ. In some experiments, if a section of a leaf was torn away after the first photograph, a faint image of the missing section sometimes remains when a second photograph was taken. The corona discharge between the object and discharge plate passes through and is recorded onto the film.

The corona discharge glow at the surface of an object subjected to a high-voltage electrical field was referred to as a “Kirlian aura” in Russia and Eastern Kirlan. Kirlian Photography Cross Section.

Some other variable factors influencing the resulting Kirlian picture including the object’s pressure against film, air humidity, air pressure, voltage, frequency, and exposure time.

The developed film results in a Kirlian photograph of the object.

Kirlian Photography Equipment

Color photographic film is calibrated to produce faithful colors when exposed to normal light. If the object to be Kirlian photographed is inanimate, such as a coin or leaf, a earth ground is connected to the object See Diagram. They had noticed that when the electrodes were brought near the patient’s skin, there was a glow similar to that of a neon discharge tube. Sheet film is placed on top of a metal plate, called the discharge or film plate.

Basic Kirlian Photography

The coronal discharges identified as Kirlian auras are the result of stochastic electric ionization processes and are greatly affected by many factors, including the voltage and frequency of the stimulus, the pressure with which a person or object touches the imaging surface, the local humidity around the object being imaged, how well grounded the person or object is, and other local factors affecting the conductivity of the person or object being imaged.


Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges. Kirlian photography devices and components that are available are provide below. So to interpret the colorize aura to mean anything significant, other than a possible stress level, at this point in time is invalid. A Spiritual Biography of George Harrison The process is simple. There are numerous Kirlian devices being sold on the internet today.

Controlling the Wild Cards. The frequency kkrlian varies the frequency of the electrical power going to the discharge plate. Although little interest was generated among western scientists, Russians held a conference on the subject in at Kazakh State University. Kirlian’s experiments did not provide evidence for an energy field other than the electric fields produced by chemical processes and the streaming process of coronal discharges.

When making a kirlian photography of a person or a living subject – never ground or allow a ground caamara touch the subject when making the exposure as this will cmara a nasty shock. The results failed to establish a relationship between human contact with the textiles and the corona discharge images and were considered inconclusive. High voltage is applied to the plate momentarily to make an exposure. High voltage is momentarily applied to the object, thus creating an exposure.

Paranormal claims of Kirlian photography have not been observed or replicated in experiment by the scientific community. High-voltage electrophotography soon became known to the general public as Kirlian photography.

Although Kirlian wasn’t the first to study electro-photography. A Kirlian Photography, female All my research to date shows the corona discharge can be explained by employing known physical laws, like changes in subjects skin resistance due to factors like; stress-lying, illness, fatigue, alcohol consumption, etc without the necessity of invoking paranormal bio-plasma factors.


You’ll also learn about the history of electro photography and may of its possible applications in medicine, industry, and the military. If one wants to do paranormal research with our devices that fine. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

The idea of qi as its own sort of field, not simply a creature’s electromagnetic field, has been mostly disregarded by the scientific community.

However, if the imaging surface is cleaned of contaminants and residual moisture before the second image is taken, then no image of the missing section will appear. Kirlian photographs have been used as visual components in various media, such as the sleeve of George Harrison ‘s album Living in the Material Worldwhich features Kirlian photographs of his hand holding a Hindu medallion on the front sleeve and American coins on the back, shot at Thelma Moss’s UCLA parapsychology laboratory.

From the sales data we know that whomever programmed the computer to colorize the “aura” from the GSR information also choose what color to assign. Retrieved 22 August Corona discharges can interact with minute variations in the different layers of dye used in the film, resulting in a wide variety of colors depending on the local intensity of the discharge. As far as I know, Galvanic Skin Resistance GSR is an indicator of stress, but only after a baseline has been established for that particular subject.

Kirlian photography

The Model 4 has all photography functions on the front panel. Photography by style Corona discharge Subtle bodies Hoaxes. When film is developed you have a Kirlian photograph of the object. Allows photographer to activate discharge using the foot switch. In the early s, Russian researcher Yakov Narkevich-Todka exhibited electro photographs he had made. Archived from the original on A Study of the Kirlian Effect.