Biofísica y fisiología celular by José López Barneo, , López Barneo, By (author) Rodolfo Llinas, By (author) Ramón Latorre. BIOFISICA Y FISIOLOGIA CELULAR. by LATORRE, RAMON and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at AbeBooks. Biofísica y fisiología celular by Ramón Latorre; Rodolfo Llinás; José López Barneo at – ISBN – ISBN

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Equilibrium magnetization states and hysteresis in ferromagnetic nanotubes with dipolar interacting spins. Workshop ‘Dynamical phase transitions in driven systems: High speed laser induced forward transfer of inks. Effects of Shape and spatial arrangement of nanoparticle assemblies on their hyperthermia performance.

Biofísica y fisiología celular – Google Books

Design, synthesis and biological profiling of a promising new family of multitarget directed ligands for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Jesica Soder, Cristina Valls, F. Formulation and elaboration of a clotrimazole nanoemulsion. Urolithin A modifies cell cycle progression and causes apoptosis in prostate and breast cancer cells. MRS Spring Meeting biofosica Switching the Prion Behaviour: Carbon Nanotubes structural evolution during water assisted plasma growth.


Nanoscale radiative heat transfer.

Electroluminescence emission enhancement of Si NCs under pulsed electrical excitation and improved device design. International Workshop ‘Contacts to and within Molecules’.

Development of a spectrofluorometric method for the determination of furosemide in oral solutions for paediatric use. On the potential use of latorde ITO electrodes as amperometric biosensors.

Novel approaches towards highly selective self-powered gas sensors. Thermal Energy Storage Materials and Systems.

Biodisica effect on the rheological features of highly concentrated emulsions. Workshop on Surface and Interface Effects in Nanomagnets. Material based-design for high temperature sensible heat storage using solid particle materials.

Near-field imaging and electrodynamics simulations of cavity modes in ZnO nanowire resonators. In vitro permeation study of sodium diclofenac from diluted and highly concentrated emulsions through human skin and artificial membranes.

Biofísica y fisiología celular

Exact mass and esi-qtof-ms fragmentation of bioactive Amaryllidaceae alkaloids. Auger in-depth profiles and electron microprobe characterization of new chalcogenide photovoltaic materials: Human skin permeation and release of a new formulation with paromomycin for the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis. Surface engineering for functional applications under extreme conditions. Antifungal activity of a clotrimazole nanoemulsion against Candida Albicans.


Modelling magnetostructural textures in magnetic shape memory alloys materials. Single and bilayer graphene growth at very low fisiologiz pressure. Synthesis and size control of PtM nanoparticles by electrodeposition methods.

Self-assembled polyelectrolyte complexes as nanocarriers for enzyme replacement therapy in the treatment of Fabry disease. Keynote lecture at College de France.

Laser-induced forward transfer of low viscosity inks. Micromechanic and magnetic properties dependance of ferrite composition.

Canada International Conference on Education. The first academic year of chemistry at the University of Barcelona. Conductometric gas nanosensors based on sub nm vertical 3D GaN nanopillars.