The American-born editor of the British literary magazine Granta presents a horrifying, searing account of the young British men who turn soccer matches at. Buy Among The Thugs New Ed by Bill Buford (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. They have names like Barmy Bernie, Daft Donald, and Steamin’ Sammy. They like lager (in huge quantities), the Queen, football clubs (especially Manchester.

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Thompson did for s motorcycle gangs, Bill Buford here does for s English soccer fan culture and it’s well worth reading if that interests you as it did me. Studying this scene on the tank, in media res, I ths infer the order of events that led to it: If Thompson needed to be jumped by Hells Angels to have the perfect ending for his book bjford Buford found his own way to perhaps unintentionally outdo Thompson.

Among the Thugs will be a book that wont let me forget it. Open Preview See a Problem? This book checks the boxes. These fans are not merely waiting for a goal to be scored, they are waiting for the moment of release to wage war. The rioting scenes are very well written and still, to me, quite unimaginable. This is patently false. In a series of short narrative essays about his experiences across England and the continent, with all sorts of fringe members of “the Firm”, Buford explores what that meaning is.

Preview — Among the Thugs by Bill Buford. For me, this comes after a six month fascination with soccer violence. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Thankfully the hospital visit turned out to only be out-patient surgery and also thankfully, the surgery went as well as could be hoped. So the all-seater stadiums and the soaring prices, plus the beatific state of mind achievable at beats per minute, solved what had previously been seen as ugly and intractable. Specifically, it is a police riot. This was a violent, crowd-ruled thing. As much as I am loathe to make this comparison and argumentI think it is worth considering: I think when an “important” book is attractive to me, it’s usually because I think it’s going to agree with how I feel about shit.


There’s the international hustling of ‘DJ’, a counterfeiter and aspiring photographer from a privileged background. The acts committed by these men in the name of good-natured fan antics are atrocious, stomach clenching, and the kind of thing you hope children never learn about. I was surprised by what I found; moreover, because I came away with a knowledge that I had not possessed before, I was also grateful, and surprised by that as well.

He also likes to judge, judge and judge. It kept be gasping for air page by page from the alley chases and bar brawls, laughing out loud from the brilliantly timed interjections of humor, and shrieking to avoid reading another word of its grotesque reality. I have let myself become one of them.

Order our Among the Thugs Study Guide. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, this was not an easy thing to do.

Among the Thugs – Wikipedia

Bill Buford has done for English soccer hooligans what Hunter S. And not always the buzzy-feel-good electric. He is beaten up twice by the police, once when caught with the rioting English supporters in Sardinia, where he was beaten for several minutes. This bored, empty, decadent generation consists of nothing more than what it appears to be. Rhe meets and discusses several supporters and examines how those supporters fit in with national stereotypes of thusg football youths. Packed in as sardines, no seats, moving as a crowd, running to the exists once the game is over.

This theme, at the top of this section, deals with Buford and his inability to understand violence amonh of the context of the lower classes. To Buford, nill act became symbolic of the revolt of the unemployed and uneducated against class distinctions: Everyone, except for children not reined in by their parents, is a consenting adult consenting in the activity.

In the book department, this has been a pretty great year. What was it like for me? Too many times Buford told us he didn’t know the outcome of something.


Among the Thugs by Bill Buford | : Books

Its not about Football or “English” Hooligans but about a society striving to stubbornly survive its barbaric history and prideful traditions; to feel alive by any cost in life; its desperate need to be heard; and the terrifically scary transition of ego to buord of the congregation.

He gets your attention for when he schools you with the social insights. Nov 02, Amie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The conditions are appalling, but essential: Nov 30, Ernie Dixon fhe it really liked it.

It is a lad culture without mystery, so deadened that it uses violence to wake itself up. If you know nothing about hooligans, than you will find it fascinating.

Nov 01, Alejo rated it it was amazing Shelves: Their alcohol-fueled ragers are both unbelievable and at the same time rendered mundane by their transition into writing.

Is it biological, innate to our species, or does it result buuford environmental conditions, overcrowding and poverty? He does this in his American accent.

The 50 best sports books ever written

Observations of the group dynamic On a positive note, Buford does well describing tge dynamics of the group situation and the dynamics of a group situation that involves boys. So too does the violence increase in severity, in the form of stabbings.

Why Winnie the Pooh should shape US foreign policy”. Of the teeth still intact, many were chipped or split; none was straight: Buford begins his journey by introducing himself to members of the Manchester United firm, where he meets Mick, who teaches him much about football as well as firms in general.