CHAPTER 3 Lee and Marlene Canter’s Assertive Discipline. – About Lee and Marlene Canter. Lee Canter. Lee Canter is founder of Canter & Associates. Assertive Discipline: Positive Behavior Management for Today’s Classroom ( Building Relationships with Difficult Students) [Lee Canter] on Lee Canter’s Assertive Discipline: Teacher’s Plan Book Plus #2 (Lee Canter’s Assertive Discipline Workbooks) [Lee Canter] on *FREE* shipping .

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Sit ten to fifteen feet apart from your partner who is standing. The softball beats Antonis to home plate and he violently pushes Tim who is waiting at the plate for the tag. You will keep your hands to yourself or you will go to the time-out room.

Activities and Discussion Questions. Offer a choice with a negative consequence for noncompliance. The squad then escorts the students to the office. The teacher points and says the name. To accomplish this goal, teachers must react assertively, as opposed to aggressively or non assertively. You can sit down now or you’ll sit with me after school or during recess. In simple terms, assertive teachers let students know that they mean what they say and say what they mean.

How many times do I have to warn you? For more on making rules, see the home page link on “How to create your own behavior management system” or the video podcast on this topic 3. Decide with which of these pupils you failed to set firm consistent limits non-assertiveness because: Peter is working diligently on his seatwork. Do not be sidetracked by the student’s excuses.

Punishment will make students avoid breaking rules and positive reinforcement will encourage good behavior. Use “proximity praise” also appears to have been borrowed from Jacob Kounin. Invite pre adolescents into the hallway to “talk” to avoid embarrassment in front of peers and the negative behavior that will most likely result if you engage in public chastisement.


Assertive discipline – Wikipedia

List the rules on the board along with the positive and negative consequences. Might some kids be reacting habitually and therefore need to be made aware of options to create the ability to choose? If you want to act like a bully, I’ll show you what it’s like to get pushed around.

Do you use eye contact, gestures, and disccipline student’s name? Tim receives a hard knock on the head as a result of the push-initiated fall.

Should students have an influence in the formation of rules and routines? This quick action will encourage cantwr students to display the desired behavior more often. The teacher repeats the reques as originally stated- like a broken record. It’s been five minutes since I asked you to clean up.

Follow steps 2, 3, and 4 under the section entitled How to Use Assertive Discipline. Assumptions of this approach include: Identify the following teacher response as being that of an assertive teachera hostile teacher, or a non-assertive teacher sometimes you will see a combination of two types: They give firm, clear, concise directions to students who are in need of outside guidance to help them behave appropriately.

The Canters recommend that you NOT continue punishing if talking with the youngster will help to defuse the situation. Visualize a classroom experience you have had when you felt inadequate or reacted in a nonassertive or hostile manner. A hostile teacher address students in an abusive way.

These consequences should escalate when a student breaks the rules more than once in the same lesson. Berj rips up his worksheet and throws it on the asseritve, mumbling, “I’m not doing this crap. They let their discipline plan do all of the work. Maintain this eye contact for a few seconds. Recognize and quickly respond to appropriate behavior. For example, to gain the cabter of administration, write your rules, positive consequences, and a list of penalties.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Students must be forced to comply with rules. You see Tyler put the stuffed clown doll in his desk rather than returning it to the toy box. If it receives a positive review, say “Thank you”, and mention that the step that follows the last one on your list is a visit to “the cnater.

Might the word “Reminder” be a better choice? Do you respond to misconduct in a non hostile, assertive manner?

Others might receive notes of praise to be shown to their parents. Diana leaves her seat to tug on your arm and ask for assistance. Teachers canher needs, wants and feelings and the right to teach without interruption by students misbehaving. These response-style categories are assertive, hostile and nonassertive.

Assertive discipline

He backs up his words with actions when necessary. You were afraid of them or their behavior You might cause them psychological harm You felt inadequate to handle their unusual behavior You were concerned that they might not like you You weren’t sure what to do c. When the jar is full, a special event lef held.