Dimethyl disulphide is a light yellow liquid with a very characteristic smell and an extremely low odour threshold at 8 to 10 ppb. DMDS is an. In order to boost its ranking in the DMDS (dimethyl disulfide) global market and meet demand from its customers, Arkema (Paris:AKE) has. Dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) is an organic chemical compound with the molecular formula than the former. This pesticide is marketed as “Paladin” by Arkema.

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Coating Resins Odor-tech Piezotech Sartomer. In this embodiment, said catalyst advantageously comprises a transition metal selected from the elements of groups 6 to 11 of the Periodic Table of the elements groups VIB, VIIB, VIIIBpreferably from the elements of groups 6, 9 and 10, and more preferably the catalyst comprises one or more transition metals selected from platinum, rhodium, chromium and palladium.

Supporter of the Sustainable Development Goals. CS 2 and hydrogen were unquantifiable.

Dimethyl disulfide

The methane used as initial hydrocarbon charge may be employed with one or more other gases, different from the hydrocarbon charges as described above, although for obvious reasons of subsequent purification, and ease of implementation of the process risk of accumulation with any recycling operationspreference will be given to using only mixtures of hydrocarbon charges or pure methane.

The catalyst is preferably used in a fixed bed. In this capacity, DMDS is an important alternative in replacing methyl bromidewhich is being phased out, however qrkema effective than the former. In one especially advantageous embodiment of the present invention, the hydrogen sulphide formed in step b is recycled into step a according to step c.

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Nevertheless, in the context of the present invention, preference is given to using methane as initial hydrocarbon charge, primarily for economic reasons, particularly with the recent developments in the exploitation of shale gas. It is a flammable liquid with an unpleasant, garlic -like odor.

Dimethyl disulfide – Wikipedia

Home efficiency and insulation. CSR ambition and commitments. Lethal dose or concentration LDAkema. The process according to claim 1, wherein the hydrogen sulphide formed in step b is recycled into step a. Markets Oil and gas. The pressure is 3 bar absolute. Ultra high performance thermoplastics. The dmd are collated in Table 1.

The word of the CEO. This patent application does not describe any example of synthesis, and it does not appear possible to envisage the industrial-scale implementation of this process for synthesizing methyl mercaptan. The amount of catalyst used in step a and the amount of catalyst used in step b are dependent on the amount of methyl mercaptan it is desired to obtain. Methyl mercaptan may itself be produced from methanol CH 3 OH and hydrogen sulphide H 2 S in accordance with the following reaction 1: Retrieved from ” https: Share capital and voting rights.

The catalyst of the invention is advantageously supported, conventionally, on any type of support generally used within this field, and for example on a support selected from alumina, silica, titanium dioxide TiO 2zeolites, carbon, zirconium, magnesia MgOclays, hydrotalcites and others, and also mixtures of two or more thereof.

Carbon nanotubes and copolymers.

In the examples below, the degrees of conversion and selectivity are determined as follows: According to one preferred embodiment, the hydrogen sulphide formed in step c is recycled into step a. Arkema Group at a glance. It is also possible to consider not using H 2 S in the first step, and generating the required H 2 S in situ by reacting the hydrocarbon charge with sulphur according to reaction 3 defined above.


Degree of molar conversion of CS 2 CS2: The operating conditions for the implementation of step d are described for example in EP All of the above reactions involve methane CH 4 as initial hydrocarbon charge, but the process of the invention may be carried out in a similar manner from any type of hydrocarbon charge.

According to another embodiment, step a is implemented in the presence of sulphur, this corresponding to the process of the invention in accordance with scheme Along with dimethyl sulfide and dimethyl trisulfide it has been confirmed as volatile compounds given dmdss by the fly-attracting plant known dmcs dead-horse arum Helicodiceros muscivorus.

As for step astep b may be carried out under any pressure, preferably of between 50 mbar and bar i.

The Adkema collected at the bottom of the column has the following composition by weight: More preferably the catalyst comprises one or more transition metals selected from platinum, rhodium, chromium dds palladium, and very preferably the catalyst comprises platinum. Generally speaking, the recycling is carried out according to techniques which are well known to the skilled person.

The balanced reaction may then be written in accordance with scheme 9 below:. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It has been successfully adopted as the sulfiding and anticoking agent of choice at all major refineries and steamcrackers.