TRIZ is “a problem-solving, analysis and forecasting tool derived from the study of patterns of. ARIZ is the central analytical tool of TRIZ. It provides specific sequential steps for developing a solution for complex problems. The first version. studied methods, techniques and knowledge from TRIZ. •. To practice the Multiple application for the first versions of ARIZ, Inventive principles, and Special .

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Archived copy as title CS1 Russian-language arjz ru Webarchive template wayback links Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references Articles containing Russian-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Articles with unsourced statements from March Analysis of the problem. This situation corresponds to cell of Table 3 that recommends the following solving principles: And these recommendations should be regarded as final.

For example, as regards the first IFR formulation: For the beginners the Substance-Field presentations should be reduced to say three or four categories: In many cases such a franchising would have more pros than cons. ARIZ-U steps include system analysis, synthesis of a new system, and evaluation and revision of proposed ideas. Below is a very brief description outline of the nine steps. For the griz given above the second option of functions set two conflicting functions were identified: Archived from the original on 22 June Retrieved from ” https: It all started from the Technical Contradiction, TC, and the idea of reducing unnecessary work to try desperately apply all the 40 Principles to any problem situation and replace it with the Contradiction Matrix and only a few recommendations.

A screen with a grid might provide the required measurement. Also the potential clients of TRIZ service providers are sometimes surprised trlz there is no official owner or licensor of the methodology. Shapiro inthe algorithm of inventive problem solving in its different modifications remains the main TRIZ tool.


TRIZ includes a practical methodologytool sets, a knowledge baseand model-based technology for generating innovative solutions for problem solving. The arrest was partially triggered by letters which he and Raphael Shapiro sent to Stalinministers and newspapers about certain decisions made by the Soviet Government, which they believed were erroneous.

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Archived from the original on 11 June SuField analysis is a special language of formulas with which it is possible to easily describe any technological system in terms of a specific structural model.

Both the algorithm of inventive problem-solving and the transformations are based on identification.

Step 1 also provides for an analysis of conflicting situations; i. An inventive situation which challenges us to be inventive, might involve several such contradictions.

TRIZ the Simple WayThe Triz Journal

ARIZ-U is intended to enhance the formalization of performed steps to the degree that enables their implementation in computer software. Perhaps there are also matters of principle involved: We ttriz that other books in this series will help you accomplish this task.

To take the example from measuring where the concept of Tool and Object is likely to be reversed: You might sit for hours by your computer just to go from an effect to another. The strategy and tactics of directed problem resolution must rely on laws governing evolution of technical systems. The users might add, modify and in general do what they want according to their personal needs and feelings. TRIZ in its classical form was developed by the Soviet inventor and science fiction writer Genrich Altshuller and his associates.

Each step includes many sub-steps. ETRIA is developing a web-based collaborative griz targeting the creation of links between any and all institutions concerned with conceptual questions pertaining to the creation, organization, and efficient processing of innovation knowledge and innovation technologies.


One of the most fundamental concepts introduced by TRIZ is that new inventive problems can be solved on the basis of experiences accumulated in the course of making aeiz inventions in various other areas! The notion of “inventive problem” in TRIZ was defined as a problem whose efficient acceptable solution trz awaits to be created because obvious solutions would be unsatisfying or they do not exist and would be impossible to obtain by using existing professional methods.

The second option of functions set as applied to the above example emphasizes the conflict between function 2. Analysis of the method that removed the Physical Contradiction.

TRIZ presents a systematic approach for understanding and defining challenging problems: The same perhaps applies to many other TRIZ theory details. A set of functions consists of one or several interrelated function adiz that jointly describe one or several problem situations in a source problem. How can you protect from the scorching sun hundreds of acres of forest, agricultural fields, or open water surfaces?

To overcome this difficulty, a thin layer of water-soluble dye is applied over the parachute mock-up, thus making the colored swirls visible in colorless water. TRIZ proves its applicability in improving itself!

Mikhail Rubin On triiz, Feb An object here a feature is placed inside another. It also forces the search friz applications to other technical problems. Genrikh Saulowitsch Altshuller This is precisely in this sense ARIZ is called an algorithm. These are called technical contradictions by Altshuller.