Aputure TR3C Digital Timer Remote Control Shutter Cable AP-TR3C for 7D,6D, 5D . Works just fine, does exactly what it needs to do and the instructions are. Symbols used in this Instructions booklet: 4: Warning for preventing camera and TCN3 malfunction. D:Supplementary notes for using the TCN3 with the.

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The release button can be pressed halfway for auto focusing and exposure reading then fully to trigger the shutter. That’s actually the major qualitative difference between the original and the clone.

However the controller was meticulously packed in a hard pre-cut foam enclosure and was accompanied by a very detailed and aputrue manual in fair English and Chinese. Time and exposure count and low battery warning. Newer Post Older Post Home. The hold function is canceled by pressing the button for 3″ again.

The Jog Dial found in a recess on the side has a dual function. In lock position like with most remote releases a red dot appears.


Digital Timer Remote

Further down is the manual shutter release button, while the a Jog Dial is placed on the side. Can be used to release the shutter even during self timer or interval timer operations. I have this unit and very much agree with your conclusion. Further there are icons for Hold and low battery warning not shown above. xputure

Aputure Digital Timer Remote

This disables all other buttons and dial. The Timer Remote Controller is lightweight and can be set with one hand. The Aputure AP-TR3C can also be used as a simple, wired remote shutter release, with no timer functions active, even without a battery.

Thank you for this review. The LCD display is populated with Icons for self-timer, interval timer, long exposure timer and exposure count setting. All buttons follow the TCN3 layout reachable with the thumb unfortunately only for right handed persons.

Aputure Timer Remote f/ Canon Instruction Manual : Fotodiox Inc. USA

Finally the back side is again identical to the OEM product in all detail. Icons for self-timer, interval timer, long exposure timer and exposure count setting. When pressed it selects between the seconds, minutes, hours reading and to confirm settings, while when rotated it changes the value of the selected reading from or respectively. One box fits all minimizes costs.


Fotodiox Inc. USA

Dan June 27, at 6: I lost the manual, auture I now rely on this site to provide what is better than what I remember from the original manual.

Various modes can be combined. When pressed fully it may be slid forward in the lock position for user timed long exposure shooting.

However, the plug is totally made of plastic lacking Canon’s metal jacket with the indentations that clip on the camera socket. You might also like: Even the recess which is used as a repository for the remote socket cap found on earlier EOS 1 series cameras. When a specific function is active the relevant icon is blinking and the respective timer enters countdown.