Books by Vladimir Megre. Book I: Anastasia: «I Exist For Those I Exist For». Chapters: From Book Which Temple Shall God Be In (Anastasia’s First Parable ). “Anastasia”, the first book of the Ringing Cedars Series, tells the story of entrepreneur Vladimir Megre’s trade trip to the Siberian taiga in , where he. Anastasia (Ringing Cedars Series, Book 1) by Vladimir Megré 2Rev Edition ( ) [Vladimir Megre] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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I have read many, many spiritual books and this series does the best job of summarizing our natural state By the late s had become the president of the Inter-Regional Association of Siberian Entrepreneurs.

In the second volume Vladimir Megre describes his experiences with the publishing of the first volume and tells new episodes about the events in the Taiga with Anastasia and her grandparents.

Secondly, I object to the liberal use of absolutely detailed footnotes at the bottom of most pages: By now 11 millions copies of the books translated into 20 languages have been sold. That being said, the opener in the serie is not the best one. The book seems like a sales pitch for more nutty ideas proposed in the rest of the 8 book series. I had never heard of this seed-programming process before, but have no reason to doubt it. A believes that everyone should move to the country, or at least become a “dachnik”, some-one who spends his or her days off tending a garden at their dacha country cottage.

What is great about this book is Anastasia herself.

Vladimir Megre

Spring water is probably better for a drink than tap water, but it does not have any magic abilities to restructure DNA, as claimed by Anastasia. Cedar Nuts, g 42,00 Euro incl. I realize of course that it is I myself that have a problem.


In the tenth and final book, Megre describes the series as “fictional” in form, [7] and earlier writes that he used the format of a novel to minimise the resistance of skeptics. One person found this helpful. Women reject births mostly not because of the restricted freedom but because the perspective is missing for them. Nothing odd about them.

Okay, as regards the story-line.

Review of Anastasia from Vladimir Megre (21th of March )

But it also deals with collective backgrounds of nowadays people and the role of the top priest and the priesthood who set up the puppet show for the development of mankind. Anastasia of the forest introduces herself ajastasia a worldly Russian trader and businessman and shares her unconventional thoughts on many subjects.

Now, I have a slight knowledge of Russian and the translation of one particular word in the book, a word used constantly, has bothered and irritated me throughout the reading of the book. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? This was not truly an environmentalist book.

The second problem that I had was that this is an obviously fictional story and it’s so over the top that I was surprised that the author insists that i This book is just awful. Who or what is Anastasia?

The homestead should be created by a mother and father for the health and enjoyment of posterity. The tale of Anastasia is interesting. The best part about the book was counting how many times the w Worst book I’ve ever read in my life.


Remember, there must be different opinions and questioning, anatsasia free will to be maintained.

A catalytic converter in reverse? Anastasia could be a life changer, as it has been for me. In general, some part Ohh, basically the funny beginningreflecting imo traditional Russian muzhik a Russian manand striving from that – his attitude towards woman. Loses a star for all the self-advertisement- lost count how many times something was going to be expounded upon “in the next book”.

Showing of reviews. The author holds readers’ and press conferences in Russia and other countries.

Books by Vladimir Megre

I don’t care if Anastasia is for real or not, that’s the least of my hang-ups. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

My comment on this ability of A’s is that we all have this ability, it is a matter of finding out how to use it. I suspect that the author entered the forest and encountered there a spiritual power that challenged him.

Book I: Anastasia: «I Exist For Those I Exist For»

A informs V that if he writes snastasia book about her, she will see to it that all the words are imbued with special powers that will make millions of people buy the book and all its readers will adore her, feel her love and wish to adopt her way of life. The Ringing Cedars of Russia. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Not so sure about the Magical properties of the girl Anastasia.