Hans Peter Luhn; Published in IBM Journal of Research and Business Intelligence Systems: State-of-the-art Review and Contemporary Applications. Business Intelligence has empowered organizations to derive data-driven IBM computer scientist Hans Peter Luhn, that the potential of BI was recognized. The article, titled “A Business Intelligence System”, described “an. Luhn, H.P. () A Business Intelligence System. IBM Journal of Research and Development, 2,

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By using this site, you agree to the Syxtem of Use and Privacy Policy. The findings may serve to adjust the system for optimum efficiency.

Action-point profiles As indicated earlier, one of the basic requirements of the system is the ability to recognize by mechanical means the sphere of interest and the type of activities that characterize each of the action points the system is to serve. Present methods of accomplishing this are inadequate and the general practice is to disseminate information rather broadly to be on the safe side.

The considerations which prompted the step-by-step acceptance of documents in the dissemination process are also applied to information retrieval. This process of encoding constitutes a further abstraction and involves procedures such as the categorization of words by means of a thesaurus. This fraction is subject to change as time goes on, depending upon conditions to be explained later.

Happy Birthday to the “Father of Business Intelligence”

Thereafter the identities are announced by the tape-printing device at the inquiring action point so that personal contacts may be made.

As an alternative the resulting pattern may be rearranged and be distributed over a storage array to permit random access according to characteristics. Initially, the creation of these action-point profiles is best accomplished by having each action point create a document describing the various aspects of its activities and enumerating the types of information needed.

This is accomplished by means of an information pattern similar to that of the documents. We call this a Business Intelligence System.

Similarly a list of related documents may be prepared to serve as references applying to a new document. This phase of the system concerns itself with the retrieval of those stored documents which might be relevant to a topic under consideration by an action point.

A Business Intelligence System

This method may also be used to bring together the respective inquirers to furnish an opportunity to discuss the problems which apparently brought about similar inquiries. On the other hand those documents selected are more closely related to the original subject. Luhn spent greater and greater amounts of time on the problems of information retrieval and storage ouhn by libraries and documentation centers, and pioneered the use of data jntelligence equipment in resolving these problems.


One of the most crucial problems in communication is that of channeling a given item of information to those who need to know it. Clearly he was well ahead of his time.

The microfilm copy of the document is transcribed onto magnetic tape by a human transcriber or a print-reading device. Among other things, it includes: Selective dissemination of new information Based on the document-input operation and the hwns of profiles, the system is ready to perform the service function of selective dissemination of new information.

Objectives and principles Before the system systfm is described, the term Business Intelligence System should be defined and the objectives and principles stated.

Today, a typical business intelligence system consists of an ETL framework pulling data on a regular basis from an array of data sources into a Data Warehouse, on top of which sits a Business Intelligence tool used by business analysts to generate reports for internal consumption.

Thereupon the monitor would select the corresponding pattern from document-pattern storage and provide instruction for use as a query pattern in the ensuing comparison operation. As time goes on there is the probability that an increasing number of new documents will be announced to an action point because of possible shift of interests. Start Free Trial No credit card required. An automatic system is being developed to disseminate information to the various sections of any industrial, scientific or government organization.

The monitor will record the incidence of acceptance by modifying the affected records contained in its storage. There are many details which might have to be provided to adjust the general form of the system to specific applications.

The function of information retrieval, however, differs from that of dissemination in that the choice is not that of accepting or rejecting one document, but rather a selection of one or several from a special group of potentially relevant documents. The query pattern will be impressed on the profile as a matter of course, whether or not the inquiry has been satisfied, so that new documents relevant to the subject of the inquiry will be made known subsequently.

Hans Peter Luhn – Wikipedia

Furthermore, the fact that certain devices are being referred to as implementation of the system, should not be interpreted as implying a specific size of the operation. In all other cases the original is stored in a file for a reasonably short time and thereafter destroyed, unless there are reasons for preserving it for longer periods.


The use of individual printing devices is more effective than are centrally located devices serving several action points. The objective of the system is to supply suitable information to support specific activities carried out by individuals, groups, departments, divisions, or even larger units. Useful patterns may be derived by listing a given portion of the words inteoligence highest frequency together with a hahs of specific words.

Transmittal of information either as a result of dissemination or of retrieval is to be guided by progressive stages of acceptance by an action point.

Some of these are listed below: The interrelationship of words may also be indicated and certain frequently occurring combinations of words may be noted.

Document output The functions described so far have concerned themselves with documents admitted or acquired by the system from the outside. In this case the specialized system would each assume the role of an action point in the mother system. At the same time the monitor will also instruct the auto-encoding device to transfer copies of the code patterns of the affected documents to the profile section of pattern storage, together with the identification of the action point involved and the date of transferal.

Spartan Books,p. Typewriters with paper-tape punching attachments are already used extensively in information processing and communication operations. Thus, in the case of an inquiry, the user will be required only to call the librarian, who will accept the query and will ask for any amplification which, in accordance with his experience, will be most helpful in securing the desired information. This procedure is repeated for any subsequent similar occasion.

In a paper in the IBM Systems JournalHans Peter Luhn describes a system for “selective dissemination” of documents to “action points” based on the “interest profiles” of the individual action points. American Documentation11 4: Luhn was a pioneer in hash coding. Information is now being generated and utilized at an ever-increasing rate because of the accelerated pace and scope of human activities and the steady rise in the average level of education. The selection of specific words may also be accomplished by index lookup.