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Form (6-pt), Standard Form 44, and DD Forms. and paper. The DD Form (6-pt) is for requisitioning. · Engineering Investigation Reports. (1) GSA Form (6–PT), GSA Single Line Item Requisition System Document (MANUAL) (illustrated at § –––(6–PT)). (2) GSA Form –4. (1) GSA Form (6-PT), GSA Single Line Item Requisition System Document ( MANUAL) (illustrated at § (6-PT)). (2) GSA Form

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Be sure to provide all the data that is required. However, the DD Form is the proper form to use. Requisition files are established according to the types of accounting funds involved. The status document may also challenge an order.

It is assigned to a requisition to determine the time that the requirement will be processed by the supply system. Status documents may cancel an existing requisition, provide backorder information or shipping status, represent passing actions, or modify an order.

See figure 9 DD Form Most of the columns in the log are self-explanatory, but you should observe the following general rules:. Table shows the priority designators.

A commitment of funds without prior approval can result in your personal acceptance of the financial obligation. It may not be used to order publications. In addition, the file provides a central location for use as a reference for follow-up action. When material is requisitioned, moved, or issued, it is necessary to set a common basis of determining the importance of competing demands for resources in the 6pg systems.


Pass complete!

It is divided into three sections: Too many status codes exist to identify them all in this training manual. Extreme care must be taken to ensure that you will not make a commitment of government funds without approval from the supporting supply activity. Supply status is usually received on a DD Form m mechanical. Completed Requisitions When requisitioned material is received or canceled, all related documents are placed in a material completion file. Each unit and detachment must establish a requisition log in which all requisitioning documents are recorded.

Requisition Submissions Requisitions for material must be submitted to various stocking points, depending on the items required. As a member of the supply department, you must be aware of the various codes your activity may encounter. The file may also be used for all other actions that have been taken on a particular document. Keep the use of the DD Form to a minimum.

Unit and detachment commanding officers and officers-in-charge are not designated as contracting or ordering officers and are not authorized to purchase these items. The term outstanding denotes material that has been requisitioned, but has not yet been received or canceled by the activity.

A requisition that has been only partially filled is retained in the outstanding file until action is either completed or canceled. Requisitions for material must be submitted 134 various stocking points, depending on the items required.


When you close out the log each month and at the end of the 6ptt year, ensure that the proper entries have been made, the columns are totaled, and the transmittal number is posted at the end of the period cover.

The purpose of this file is to have receipt documents immediately available for processing when the material is received. When status information is received, it should be reviewed immediately to determine the purpose of the document and whether any action is required by the 134 activity.

Each requisition file 6lt maintained on a fiscal year basis by document number sequence Julian date and serial number. Requisition Files Requisition files are established according to the types of accounting funds involved.

Complete issue (manual) documentation on DD Form (6-pt)

The supply status keeps an activity informed as to the action being taken by supply activities furnishing the requested material. This section discusses each of these procedures. When a procurement document is submitted, a copy of the document is placed in the outstanding files.